1. Eagle'

    TR One-Handed Düello Turnuvası [Kazanan: Titan]

    Eagle' ve yetkili ekibin siz değerli oyuncular için düzenlemiş olduğu "TR Duel Tournaments" etkinliklerinin ilkini tanıtmaktan onur duyuyoruz. Düello şeklinde olacak bu etkinliklerden birincisinin konsepti "Tek elli kılıçlar" olacaktır. Tüm katılımcılara şimdiden başarılar. - Turnuva formatı...
  2. ChristopherR

    Bannerlord Duel Ranking Official (North America)

    This thread will be adjusted and updated upon the completion of every duel tournament hosted in North America that is set to the standard of a 1H Weapon. Currently, this is a mix between previous tournaments and players rankings within them, as well as a collection of opinions based on some...
  3. Einarcf

    Disable mirrors on Duel

    Title. Makes no sense to have it enabled
  4. ChristopherR

    NA Duel In-progress Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    #1: Only Cavalry, Improved Armor / Lance - No Long / Heavy Lances #2: You may only attempt to hit your opponent, not their horse, until their shield is broken. Once their shield is broken, you may either aim for them or their horse. #3: Swords, and Maces are NOT allowed, the only weapon you...
  5. Dark 🦁

    [EU] 🏆 Tournoi Duel Francophone II🏆 Vainqueur - CTH

    Dans ce tournoi se retrouve les challengers francophones dans des duels à l'épée. Vous voulez mettre à l'épreuve vos capacités, vous mesurez au meilleurs ? gagner des trophées ? Ce tournoi est fait pour vous. Arbre du Tournoi Critères de Participation : - Parler couramment le français...
  6. ChristopherR

    NA Duel Ranking (BMS)

    This List Has Been Updated - To qualify for Low-Tier requires a good amount of skill, it is not an insult to be considered low-tier in competitive The Bannerlord Melee Server Conducted This Ranking And Is In No Way Official At Any Capacity Outside Of That Server Elite Tier Duelist: Wegnas...
  7. Did TaleWorlds Implement Duel/Field Execution?

  8. TheGioManDude

    Add Spectating on Chosen Duels

    As much as I like dueling, I also like watching duels between good duelists. Please add a system with which we can spectate our chosen duels. One idea for implementation could be, our characters could teleport to the duel we pick and watch up close. Sometimes I want to watch a duel between 2...
  9. Namakan

    Resolved Glitching in and out of Duel Arenas

    Scene Name (if related): Proving Grounds Media (Screenshots & Video): I'll take that VIP badge, already have the bughunter one :^)
  10. hoonii

    EU Duel Completed 🐎ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)🐎

    Welcome to the first Cavalry Duel Tournament in Bannerlord; ABCD! SIGN-UPS END 15th OF AUGUST SIGN-UPS END 15th OF AUGUST SIGN-UPS END 15th OF AUGUST TOURNAMENT STARTS 16th OF AUGUST TOURNAMENT STARTS 16th OF AUGUST TOURNAMENT STARTS 16th OF AUGUST RULES: Matches will be played as three...
  11. Krin

    Duel Server

    Well it crashed lots. I was in a duel w a guy, 2-2, next thing i know the guy spawns without his horse and runs through walls. Now I can't enter duel server it takes forever and quite frankly i havent made it in yet.
  12. Humphrey

    Some improvements to Duel

    The new duel gamemode is great. few things i think could be tweaked. server should be online for longer. when changing your arena preference, you should be allowed to change it from further away instead of walking right up to the pole. similar to how you can invite people to due from half...
  13. Eagle'

    TR_8B_Duel / AKTİF

    TR_8B_Duel TR_8B_Duel sunucusu, Warband klanları ve toplulukları için halihazırda girip maç atabilmeleri, yeni oyuncular kazanabilmeleri için açılmış bir sunucudur. Topluluk katılımcıları kurallara uymak zorundadır. Sunucumuz 01.06.2021 tarihinden beri hizmet vermektedir. İstek, şikayet ve...
  14. five bucks

    Reasons to explore town scenes.

    Taleworlds has put a lot of work into Bannerlord's town scenes, and they look really good! But there's barely anything interesting to do inside them- just one quest that doesn't trigger often. So an average player spends 1% of their time in settlement scenes. 99% of playtime is in menus, field...
  15. kongkamby

    INT Native Duel Busby Redemption Duel Tournament - 160$ Prize Pool

    - The Busby Redemption Duel Tournament, who will be the new champion? - The Busby Redemption Tournament Rules: 1. Tournament format is 1v1, first to seven (ft7) 1.1 Any Polearms, two-handed or one-handed weapons are allowed as long as a shield is not used 1.2 Any weapon with the "crush through...
  16. Ikea Knight

    Annoyed by Jav-Cav

    I know the competitiv scene is having discussion about throwing weapons almost every day now but usually it is concerning inf vs cav or inf vs inf. I wanted to have this thread because I am absolutly annoyed by the use of javelins in cav vs cav situations. Recently, the meta changed in such a...
  17. Moth_Queen

    Mouse and Sword: Noob sensivity

    Ok now I am kind of lost here. There are four kinds of info on the matter: 1. Very low sensivity, wich allows extra precision, stable camera movement, and also better and more sustainable blocking. 2. Very hight sensivity, wich helps drag the mouse to hit the target at the very beginning of...
  18. Bjarkan

    Dueling: 1H vs 2H

    I was wondering what your opinion on dueling between 1H vs. 2H is. Do you think one of them has a clear advantage over the other (regardless of skill) ? I prefer fighting with a 2H sword as I like to have range and striking power and I've been using it since WB so I am just used to it. But I...
  19. Stromming

    Resolved Train troops complete pop-up in bandit leader duel

    Summary: If you bring your last borrowed troops to hideout and they die, you get the pop-up asking you to choose to keep or send back troops to quest giver. Right in the middle of a the duel / battle against hideout leader How to Reproduce: see above Scene Name (if related): Hideout Media...
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