duel mode

  1. levilop

    Weird Duel Bug

    Accepted a duel with this lad, got teleported to an arena...1 second after the duel starts, 2 other guys got teleported there... I wonder whether anybody had this bug before? The 2 archers killed my opponent and me, we got teleported to another arena where strangely I had 2-0 as score, a few...
  2. DeathBG

    In Progress Duel mode 1.6.0 bug

    Summary:Today it happened to me twice. While I was playing duel the score was 0-0 I was about to attack my opponent and out of nowhere the score becomes 1-0 and we get teleported back and start round 2 but I never touched my opponent I just got the point for nothing How to Reproduce:Randomly...
  3. Golodir

    ETA on Duel?

    ? xD Xd xd XD @AVRC the hmmmng maybe 12 javs isn't too much genius @NIN3 the double agent @MArdA TaleWorlds the one that doesn't do his job @Callum the skared guy that ran away to reddit cuz can't handle pressure from TRYHARD PLAYERS
  4. OneOrThrEe

    Ok pettition worked. Now please cast ur vote for the future Duel mode when it comes one day. (Even though units within factions are likely to change)

    As the title says. Please Maybe someone returned it, not knowing that it was purpuseful. Dunno. Also i make poll, maybe im wrong. Please vote edit * Also i think this might have something to do with the fact that yesterday duel server would take 10-30 mins to come back online after it closed...
  5. Sral23

    Where is the long announced Duel Mode?

    Is duel mode still being worked on? If yes, how long approx. till release and would a long warmup period like we know it from siege/skirmish that gives you unlimited Money combined with 1sec of "Actual Playtime" fix atleast the money problem? Basically 29:59s Warmup with unlimited gold during...
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