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  1. WouLinX

    Dragon Armor

    But doesn't the Dragon Emperor or Empress deserve a glamorous armor that is a mixture of all cultures different from other vassals and cultures? I called it "Dragon Armor". In the full version of the game or in future updates, will we see a dragon armor ?
  2. WouLinX

    Ejder Zırhı (Dragon Armor)

    Peki Ejder İmparatoru veya İmparatoriçesi diğer vasallardan ve kültürlerden farklı bütün kültürlerin karışımı şaşalı bir zırhı haketmiyor mu? Ben buna "Ejder Zırhı" adını verdim. Oyunun tam sürümünde veya ileriki güncellemelerde bir ejder zırhı görecek miyiz?
  3. How to create a Dragon?

    This is related to M&B Warband AWOIAF How to create new NPC/troop,....i.e,.... Flying and fire breathing Dragon?
  4. POLL: Eliminate Dragon Banner Quest and install Variable Playthrough Styles?

    -What if I want to be a MERCHANT, and gain power through money and eventually buy/own everything? -What if I want to be a KILLMONGER, and behead the nobles of every faction and seize their property? -What if I want to be a GOOD KING, and let charisma and wise choices make people want to follow...
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