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  1. Need More Info Main Quest stuck on 2/3 Dragon Banner

    Summary:I talked to both Istania and Arzagos, I razed both bandit camps, but the quest is still stuck on 2/3 collected pieces. The quest says Time remaining -214-748-3648 Day, 23 days ago How to Reproduce:I started this quest so long ago, I don't remember the steps I made before that Have you...
  2. mrdang

    Need More Info [Quest] Unable to get third piece of Dragon Banner

    Summary: Upon clearing the bandit lair for either Istiana or Azagros, the location of the other piece of the Dragon Banner is not revealed on the map. The player is unable to proceed with the main quest. How to Reproduce: Get to clan level 2 and initiate the quest to meet Istiana and Azagros...
  3. In Progress My kingdom destroyed after last quest

    Summary: After finishing all quests and eliminate Khuzait/Vlandia/Sturgia ; - my kingdom was destroyed - all clans join northern empire with their cities - i lost all my influences - after last siege of sturgia city , my former army members attacked me and i had to make peace. At the beginning...
  4. My kingdom destroyed after last quest

    After finishing all quests and eliminate Khuzait/Vlandia/Sturgia ; - my kingdom was destroyed - all clans join northern empire with their cities - i lost all my influences - after last siege of sturgia city , my former army members attacked me and i had to make peace. At the beginning of game i...
  5. WouLinX

    Ejder Zırhı (Dragon Armor)

    Peki Ejder İmparatoru veya İmparatoriçesi diğer vasallardan ve kültürlerden farklı bütün kültürlerin karışımı şaşalı bir zırhı haketmiyor mu? Ben buna "Ejder Zırhı" adını verdim. Oyunun tam sürümünde veya ileriki güncellemelerde bir ejder zırhı görecek miyiz?
  6. Leaving a faction after giving the Dragon Banner to faction ruler?

    I pledged fealty to Caledog of Battania and gave him the Dragon Banner to show my undying loyalty. Sadly, he died in battle after a few years. His son and new High King is an actual dog. Doesn't help in any battles, doesn't take any settlements or castles but for some reason, he thinks those are...
  7. ManWithKnife

    Dragon Banner Quest Failed

    I was fighting alongside the armies of The Empire. I had commited dozens of betrayals and just as many desperate rescues. I've executed the traitors who abandoned the cause of The Empire, as well as the filthy barbarians who dared to oppose it. I watched as our enemies picked us off one by one...
  8. Are there any benefits to Dragon Banner or just consequences?

    In my first playtrough I gave flag to Rhagaea, maybe 150 in-game days later everybody is in war with Southern Empire which gets crushed and after I leave it bug happens where Vlandia declares peace with Khuzaits and Aserai every 3 days so I delete that save and start again. This time I gave...
  9. Command to advance the Dragon banner quest so I can create an empire?

    Dragon banner quest timed out, I saw on a forum posts some days back that you can manually advance it with a command in the console, I can't find the command now. Does anyone know if this is true and what the command is?
  10. Loryrex Nerd

    How do i get my Kingdom

    I got the dragon banner and i gave it to a kingdom, then i left them, now i own 1 city and 2 castles, but i don't have my kingdom unless i join somebody else, is there any way i can make my own now?
  11. Clan Independence? Possible Bug or I'm just missing something

    Hi all, absolutely loving the game so far despite the completely vague quest descriptions and the like. I'm going through the Dragon Banner quest, I have taken captured my own non-imperial settlement, I have reached clan lvl 3, and I have acquired over 100 troops. Those 3 boxes are all ticked...
  12. I'm failing the dragon banner quest. It says it took longer than 10 years to complete, but I'm on day 840.

    I want to be able to create my own kingdom and I don't know if this will prevent me. My most recent save is right before I fail the quest.
  13. Can't build my kingdom

    Guys i will need some assistance on this as i think i messed up the main mission. So basically i was a vassal of Vlandia before and gave the dragon banner to their king, later on when i got stronger i left Vlandia and took one castle myself. I have level 4 clan, around 137 soldiers and my own...
  14. Unresolved Cannot Create New Faction after Giving Dragon Banner Away

    Hi all, So I'm new to mount & blade but I believe this to be a certain bug Summary/How to Reproduce: I was following the quest line and decided to join a faction and not create my own because of how difficult I found it to actually capture a settlement as a 100-man clan. So I gave the dragon...
  15. Andrew2401

    Need More Info Reproduceable - Game Crashes when turning in Dragon Banner quest [VIDEO]

    Summary: I started the dragon banner quest late, after already having 2 fiefs and being a part of the southern empire. I assembled it and went to turn it it, but every time I do, wether inside a city our outside of one, the game crashes at the end of the dialogue. See video below. How to...
  16. Presenting the Dragon Banner doesn't affect kingdom relation

    Summary: Presenting the Dragon Banner to one of the kingdom leaders doesn't affect the relation to the leader or the kingdom. Even though the leader says "This is one of the most valuable services anyone has ever done for me. I am very greatful." Side note: Many other services done to the NPCs...
  17. Cigoler

    How do you 'own an imperial settlement'?

    I'm an independent, third tier clan, I own a castle (Uthleim) and its two bound villages, but apparently that's not enough? I don't understand what it wants me to do - I'm trying to form my own kingdom as part of the main campaign.
  18. buz

    Adding Dragon Banner model

    Go to Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData open spitems change this line: mesh="battle_flag_big" with this: mesh="dragonbanner" enable cheat mode, open the inventory screen and find "Big Banner".
  19. Need More Info Marked Bandit Hideout Doesn't Give Banner Piece

    I spoke to Azargos about the banner and he marked a bandit hideout to find the piece. Cleared the hideout and didn't get the piece.
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