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  1. Resolved The missions "Create a non-imperial kingdom" and "Create imperial Kingdom" do not work

    Summary: The missions "Create a non-imperial kingdom" and "Create imperial Kingdom" does not work - i am independent and have 1 empire and one none empire castle - when I speak to either of the two quest givers and ask about becoming independent, they just talk about the other kingdoms and then...
  2. Need More Info Main Quest stuck on 2/3 Dragon Banner

    Summary:I talked to both Istania and Arzagos, I razed both bandit camps, but the quest is still stuck on 2/3 collected pieces. The quest says Time remaining -214-748-3648 Day, 23 days ago How to Reproduce:I started this quest so long ago, I don't remember the steps I made before that Have you...
  3. Resolved [e1.5.7] Dragon Banner quest can become uncompletable

    Firstly, I understand this oversight/bug in the programming of the game. Secondly, it is for e1.5.7 beta, which is not the latest version. Although I'd still expect this to be reproducible. Summary: Destroying every single faction (even minor) before starting the Dragon Banner quest seems to...
  4. Unicornslayer

    Need More Info Dragon Banner quest bug - Create a faction

    I've assembled the Dragon Banner. I'm clan tier 4. I have 116 troops in my party at the moment. I am independent. I own the following cities: Rhotae Ortysia Amitatys Zeonica Poros Lycaron Currently at war with the Southern Empire. Spoke both with Istiana and Arzagos. Create impreial...
  5. Resolved Assemble The Dragon Banner quest timed out too soon

    I began the "Assemble the Dragon Banner" quest and after 72 days it rendered as failed with the bullet point "You couldn't complete the quest in 10 years". My game is currently on day 841 so this is impossible.
  6. josher_jose

    Resolved BUG dragon banner quest and neretze folly failed

    After the update of 1/07, after 2 day in game i get a failed in neretze folly and recieved a quest to talk with Arzagos or Istania, so i talked wih the two and get a piece of banner from both by taking out bandids hideouts but the game simplely say i failed in this quest when i try to talk with...
  7. ScienceDiscoverer

    Suggestion: include time limit notification in main quest

    So, it turns out that Dragon Banner actually has 10 years time limit... I assumed its timeless and failed it and it ruined late game totally, because I can't create my kingdom now and assemble armies. Would be good to have some notifications about it or at least count down in quest log...
  8. Command to advance the Dragon banner quest so I can create an empire?

    Dragon banner quest timed out, I saw on a forum posts some days back that you can manually advance it with a command in the console, I can't find the command now. Does anyone know if this is true and what the command is?
  9. Need More Info Main Quest failing in 10 years bug continuing

    With today's 1.0.11 update, the main quest failing after 10 years was fixed, my question is do you have to make a new save if your current one already has the quest failed, or is there some work-around to get the quest back up and running again?
  10. I'm failing the dragon banner quest. It says it took longer than 10 years to complete, but I'm on day 840.

    I want to be able to create my own kingdom and I don't know if this will prevent me. My most recent save is right before I fail the quest.
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