1. deliefo666

    arkadaşlar osmanlı modunun eski sürümlerini nasıl indirebileceğimizi biliyormusunuz ?

    osmanlı modu war evet ama bazı sorunlar gördüm aynı şekilde bazı kayıt dosyalarım da var nasıl eskilerini yükleyebilirim
  2. Swyter

    OpenBRF Redux — A de-rusted, bug-fixed version of the tool

    This is a de-rusted version of Marco Tarini's OpenBRF tool for modding Mount&Blade 1.011 and Warband; it comes with bug fixes and enhancements. Download and change log here: The idea is to keep the program well-maintained, develop it openly, and...
  3. Joe Friday

    Changing Versions and Installing Beta

    First allow me to ask for forgiveness. I'm not good at navigating through the support forum and also not good at using the search function. My computer crashes almost immediately once I start a battle. It has been doing this ever since the 1.6.4 update. I've tried multiple fixes including a...
  4. Resolved Corrupt Disk

    Summary: When I tried to update the game the other day after the download finishes, it says corrupt disk. I've tried verifying the game files, repairing the steam library folder, clearing the steam download folder, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. None of that has worked. How to...
  5. Dare2Die

    LSP Other 3D Art Dare2Die Random Project

    I just want to share my work lately. And expect more in the future. Condition to use my work: 1. Please credit me "Dare2Die" 2. Please credit the original author of each assets I use. 3. You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances. It's for Mount &...
  6. I need help with installing Bannerlord mods from Nexus

    I made an account here just for this. I am someone who can never mod a god damn thing because something always goes wrong, modding Bannerlord seemed absolutely fool proof from the YouTube videos. So I manually downloaded creditable top tier mods from Nexus, unzipped them, dragged the extracted...
  7. Download Issue

    Well ... gonna become some laughing-stock of lucky urban people... As some countryside player, i got to dl the game using steam. Issue is, after first day DLing 1Gb, and second day DLing 4Gb more (up to 12%, yeah, only one week to go -not thinking about patches- !), I had the surprise this...
  8. Resolved my friend can t dowload bannerlord on steam pls help

    the problem is when my friend download a game after it finish it just start redownload again and again never finish it in another games download just fine pls help frist under a download it say "an update are cancel" and after it start new download it says under a download it say "an...
  9. Re-use beta files

    Will we be able to re-use the game files from the beta? I have a limit on my internet and the beta is already more than 40gb (full game is stated as 60) so is there any possibility of just copying the beta files? If not officially, would manually copying the files and then checking file...
  10. Bannerlord Betaya girmeme izin verildi key aldım nerden indirebilirim ?

    Bannerlord Betaya girmeme izin verildi key aldım nerden indirebilirim ?
  11. Hawk V

    Pre download?

    Hello guys, do u think we will be able to download the game one day before its playable? (My internet is **** and I want to play as soon as I can) :))
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