1. King85

    Solution for "too many elements" in module_troops error.

    I am posting this here for future reference, in case anyone else needs this information. I had encountered an error referring to there being "too many elements" in the module_troops file, and it appeared as such: There were two other troop entries mentioned in the error report, but since...
  2. jiu jiang

    请更新编辑器(Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Kit)操作使用文档

    taleworlds你好,我是一名自学编辑器的玩家,我很喜欢骑马与砍杀2,我也愿意为此制作各种地图,但是我不是专业mod制作者。我学习的唯一途径只有YouTube上一些视频,还有发布在骑砍中文站近三年未更新的文档,我知道你们有github但基本没人去维护。 每次遇到技术难题我都会去看官方的地图,然后ctrl C+ctrl V,因此我收获了许多有问题的地图,我是在一边猜一边查一边做效率极其低下,而且有的特效没有实体无法查看借鉴,例如投石的特效凭空产生凭空消失,我想加入到自己做的新地图也不知道该怎么办,哪怕文档6个月更新一次,对想要使用编辑器的玩家也是有很大的帮助。...
  3. Esorcism

    Multiplayer Modding - Unofficial Documentation

    Hello everyone. Lately I've started writing an unofficial Multiplayer documentation, mostly coming from my notes and schemes about Bannerlord Modding. I just recently started modding on this game, although I'm backed up by a decent coding experience, but since I had (and have) to go through it...
  4. Reus

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    Modding Sound Documentation Disclaimer: This post contains documentation on modding sound. Documentation on modding music can be found in the second post in this thread. Table of contents can be found in the spoiler below. 1.1 Adding New Sounds Any new sound files must be added to the...
  5. OliverWu

    Discussion about Community Contribution to Modding Kit and Documentation

    Hi Taleworlds, Thanks for your work on Modding Kit and Documentation, I (as a team member of YiGu Studio, who are working on MB2 ThreeKingdoms Mod now), want to contribute to make our Modding Tools better! AFAIK, the texts/strings in Modding Kit are hardcoded, which makes localization very...
  6. Ster

    Documentation Coding Community Modding Documentation

    Community Modding Documentation for Bannerlord Over the past few weeks I have been putting together some basic documentation for modding Bannerlord. With the release of Early Access, many of us are eager to check out some of the new mods that Bannerlord will bring. While this documentation is...
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