1. TheDecisiveDuck

    M&B Warband console: Viking Conquest port?

    Would absolutely love to see Viking Conquest ported to the xbox. Any general thoughts on this/likelihood of this happening? I know TW are focusing on Bannerlord but would still be ace for those die hard fans! Still very much prefer old school gameplay.
  2. Akfiz

    Real-Life DLC or Expansion: Michael the Brave

    Mount&Blade 1 had 2 real-life DLCs, Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest. I know it's too early to talk about a DLC or Expansion right now, but I suggest that when the time comes, a DLC similar to Viking Conquest should be made for Bannerlords but with the Balkans of 1600s instead. Ever since...
  3. Akfiz

    SP - General DLC or Expansion: Wallachian Warriors

    Just like Mount&Blade Warbands has a DLC/expansion in real life called Viking Conquest, I believe the same will happen for Bannerlords eventually. and while it is still early to talk about working for a DLC or expansion for Bannerlord, that doesn't mean one can't offer ideas for when that...
  4. EagleSoldier_

    Elephant DLC theories - disscussion

    I created this to discuss the possibilities of the leaked Elephant DLC and its theories to what it could be. My theories: 1) The name in itself Elephant DLC is just a placeholder just in case of any leaks so we don't know the real name. What I think this DLC would/could bring in would be 1 -...
  5. Elephant DLC?

    Prior to this last patch (along with 1.5.10 beta) being taken down, Elephant DLC was included Anyone know if this was purposeful or an accidental leak? Is TW really working on DLC already? The version number is old so maybe it's a relic that was previously worked on to potentially be released...
  6. dijiTurk

    Gold Rush [BL][Mp][DLC]

    I know modding kit's terrain system is not so flexable. But, lets imagine that digestible (destructible pieces of lands etc) areas & some functional machines can be seen in bannerlord somehow.. So, with its all possible components..: >searching gold in a competetive wild area >improving...
  7. Riffraff99

    A Thirty Year War DLC Idea

    It could be a third party DLC like Viking Conquest based on the gameplay of WFaS but with religion wich restrict you to one of two sides (protestant or catholic), artillery guns on battles and sieges (new artillery troops and gun shops), the feature to equip your troops (no matter if mercenary...
  8. Astrozi

    SP - General DLC's for Bannerlord

    Okay so I wasn't exactly sure where to put this question/suggestion but I was wondering if Taleworlds was planning on adding any DLC's to Bannerlord (could also be developed by a third party), similar to Warband had the wildly popular Napoleonic wars DLC made by Flying Squirrel Entertainment. I...
  9. Akfiz

    SP - General Real-life DLC Idea: Wallachian Wars with Vlad the Impaler/Blessed and Cursed

    Mount&Blade 1 had 2 real-life DLCs: Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest. I suggest that when the time comes, a DLC similar to Viking Conquest should be made for Bannerlords but with the Eastern Europe of 1457 instead. Why specifically 1457? Because then both Vlad the Impaler and Stephen the...
  10. Aldarith

    So what, is WFAS chopped liver?

    Just signing on for the first time in a while and I notice that WFAS is listed as DLC when it is not. Why is this? if it's going to be recognized as DLC then why doesn't Taleworlds do the work to roll it under the Warband launcher for quality of life and to encourage people to play?
  11. yasinturhan22


    Oyuna Viking Conquest veya Napoleonic Wars gibi indirilebilir içerikler gelecek mi? (Viking Conquest Harika olmazmıydı? ))
  12. Emil

    JB Gamemodes

    JailArena (JArena) The guards and prisoners spawn facing each other. Both teams stay in their spawn areas. The Warden (acting as a referee) takes his position. He calls one or more fighters from either team to join the arena. They fight. Each team should have an equal number of fighters. After...
  13. Emil

    NRP Gamemodes

    Battle Random nation versus random nation. Infantry follow their officers and cavalry follow their general. It's not allowed to kill surrenders. Line up in front of them and wait for the fire command from an admin or officer. Surrenders must announce it, drop their weapons and keep their hands...
  14. Emil

    Admin Applications

    Name (Your username, or in-game alias): Steam (Eg, http://steamcommunity.com/id/Scandypandy): Server (Server(s) you're applying to become a part of. NRP, JB or NARC): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Previous...
  15. Emil

    Player/Admin Complaints

    Victim (In-game name of the victim, whether it be you or someone else): Server (On which of our servers did the incident occur? NRP, JB, NARC, Discord): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Suspect (The in-game...
  16. Emil

    Unban Requests

    Name (Your in-game name at the time): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Date (When did you get banned?): Server (Which of our servers did you get banned on? NRP, JB, NARC, Discord): Reason(s) (Explain why you...
  17. TheHangover

    Yeni bulunan tam mapden DLC tahminlerim

    Bu map oyunun dosyalarında bulunmuş.Kırmızı işaretli alan oyunun şuanki mapi.(Ki şuanki mapın bile büyüleyici büyüklükte olduğunu biliyoruz) Reddit'de TW çalışanlarından Callum bu Kalradya'nın dışında olan yerlerin üzerinde hiç zaman harcanmamış sadece Kalradya üzerinde fikirler geliştirmek...
  18. GreenLight7


    I hope that you will not add part of base game as dlc,and will add them as traditional-Napoleonic,Vikings,fire and sword..And steam,i want to buy game without steam,but..discount,hehe. Also add one base version of game,that modders,old mods,or mods who have in them anything like...
  19. A25JM

    Will there be Victorian dlc?

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