1. Need More Info e1.7.2 Sneak into City chance is 0% with 110 Roguery and Party Size 1

    Summary: As my character's Roguery skill has increased, the Sneak into City chance has rapidly decreased to 0... for a while it seemed fixed at 16% then dropped to 5%, now it's 0. As the chance has decreased, my party has been exclusively companions and family members (party size between 8-11)...
  2. CptMuppet

    In Progress Opening and closing some UI tabs can increase criminal rating after sneaking into enemy town.

    Summary: Hello, I have found a bug happening after failed attempt of "Disguise yourself and sneak through the gate." option in enemy towns. If you open and close an UI tab, for example "Clan tab", after failed attempt of sneaking into an enemy town and before clicking "surrender" button, your...
  3. Resolved [1.5.6] Can't see chance to disguise yourself and sneak through the gate

    If I go to a city I am at war with, I see "Disguise yourself and sneak through the gate. (" From reading some old forum threads I think you used to be able to see the % chance of success for this? it looks like the chance has been cut off because I can see the "(" at the end.
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