1. Resolved Unable to play multiplayer - disconnected from lobby every time

    Summary: Recently I haven't been able to play multiplayer at all. I'm able to get into the lobby, but every time I try to join a server I get "please wait" for 20-30 seconds before a message saying "disconnected from lobby". I've checked my firewall settings, made sure my internet was working...

    Aylardir ayni problemle bogusuyorum multiplayer oynayamiyorum ya lobiden atar ya maca girerken atar ya cöker kac kere dump gönderdim bilmiyorum ama artik oyunu birakma asamasindayim. Bu soruna ACIL bir cözüm bulunmasi gerekiyor. 1.5.0 öncesi sifir sorundu.
  3. Need More Info Lag in the lobby selections and regular disconnects

    Had our cap league match today and spent about 1.5 hours prior to it trying just to get into a game to play just 1 random match before we went in and I was crashing in the lobby constantly. We ended up working out that if I was made group leader immediately after joining and logging into lobby...
  4. Need More Info Keep getting logged out of multiplayer

    I keep trying to log into multiplayer, and keep geeting messages that I can't connect. Sometimes, almost randomly, I can connect and play maybe somewhere between half a match and just the warm-up before the same message pops up. What can I do? It seems almost identical to this video I found:
  5. Ouroboros_24

    Need More Info Frequent Disconnects - Multiplayer Lobby/In-game

    Hi there, I experience frequent disconnects in the multiplayer menu and in game (often straight after warm-up) since buying the game in July. It use to be not too bad (playable) but now its practically every match. Sometimes in the multiplayer menu its so bad it logs me out after a few seconds...
  6. PuddingDxD

    Need More Info Internet Disconnet

    Every time I start M&B bannerlord. my pc automatic disconnect from my router. I just can use my internet again if im closing bannerlord. sry 4 bad english
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