1. XEDE

    In Progress Bug when dissolving a group

    Hello, I have a bug in a new game that I made some time ago, I started the game in 1.1. 0, I created a group with one of my vassals, and when I wanted to disarm the group the vassal remained eternally with the message "disbanding", when a group ends it indicates that it goes to the nearest...
  2. Resolved BUG report - player army can no longer interact with anything on map

    After having joined a lord's army and performed a number of sieges, the army eventually disbanded after which I could move around the map with my army as usual but could no longer interact with anything at all. Clicking on a map settlement results in player army aproaching settlement and...
  3. Need More Info Party's Stuck in a castle

    So I was at war and we took a castle and it became mine. later on, the war ended and so I wanted to beef up the garrison so I just took all my parties and disbanded them in front of the castle, Atrion castle. Then they all just disappeared when I went into the castle and they weren't there, it...
  4. Eşim birliğime katılmıyor ve bugda kaldı

    Merhaba Vlandiyalı bir vasal olan Liena ile evlendim fakat birliğime katılmadı ve sürekli ordu kurarak mali bir yük oluşturmaya başladı ve ben sürekli birliğini dağıtmaya başladım bu nereye kadar gidecek derken üzerine aşağıdaki bug oluştu. Birlik dağıtılıyor aşamasında kaldı ve karakter...
  5. K1NG01

    Lords loosing men.

    Hi, i've noticed that lords are loosing men on their own, either through lack of food or lack of money. This is quite a serious problem, as their parties are dwindling down to <20 men unless they are in an army. Perhaps this is best resolved for the AI?
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