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  1. Dialogues problem

    i don´t know if this is a bug or it´s a problem that only affects me (i don´t thinks so cuz it has also happen to a friend of mine) but anyway i wanted to ask. Everytime i start any conversation with nobles the options are very limited. You only can trade with them (with some, i think it depends...
  2. divyanthj

    Hide encyclopedia contents and reveal them bit by bit through gameplay

    Having an encyclopedia that not only lists characters but also lists their friends, enemies, traits, problems (issues), last known location and tournaments they won is great, but it kinda breaks immersion since there wasn't any internet or databases back in 1082 AD! So instead, reveal these...
  3. Information and gossip, or "who brougth the wireless to Calradia?"

    1.4e brought the siege and battle icon notifications on the map. While a welcome addition, combined with the "news log" that just abstractly assumes we hear about everything happening no matter how far in the other corner of the map seems a bit... off. It also means there's that less incentive...
  4. More option in dialogs!

    You need to increase the option we have with other Npc. I dont mean npc in the city I mean lords/ladies/kings/our companies/ there is like nothing now.
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