1. In Progress Destroy raids quest given by Istiana is saying that the raiders are the work of Istiana and to stop them.

    Summary: In the Destroy Raiders quest given by Istiana. It says that the raiders are very much like the work of Istiana instead of the Arzagos. How to Reproduce: Do the main quest steps. When you get the first piece of the dragon banner and can talk to Istiana and Arzagos. Talk to Azragos first...
  2. XDaron

    BL Coding Creating a method that outputs the Name of a faction that is at war with me

    I am attempting to create a mod that adds more flavor dialog to the game, I wanted to create something similar to warband ''how goes the war dialog", where the lord would first say ''yes we are at war with (insert faction)", the only problem being I'm stupid and don't understand how to create a...
  3. BL Coding Editing dialog

    This is my first post, I'm assuming that BL stands for banner lord, as the game in question in M&B 2 BL. I was wandering if there is anyway to change/edit text in dialog, say I wanted to change some backstories or change what lords say. I couldn't find the file that contained this. I also have...
  4. Peanut_Brother

    Suggestion General Please consider storing the 'Reason' behind a Relation change

    There are many reasons relation may change between two entities in BL and being able to access the reasons behind a given relation would enable modders to bring more life to NPCs in the game, through differing interactions based on what actually happened between two individuals. As an example...
  5. Lornloth00

    Companions could make comment on current events & news.

    Companions could make comments about geography, their origins, current events, faction news, nobility news, opinions about nobles and notables and news on the party. This would take a huge amount of randomize dialogue for each type of companion so that each companion would appear to be a unique...
  6. Hajenso

    In Progress "Common adventurer" for monarch in dialogue

    My character is the Queen of her own state. Proposing marriage to a vassal of hers, she is told she is a "common adventurer".
  7. BL Coding InputToken in ConversationSentence

    Hello, I am trying to mod Bannerlord and I am going to be working close with dialog and sentences, as I've seen in the decompiled code, there's an important class named ConversationSentence and as of writing this I think I have a good understanding on how it works. However, I do not understand...
  8. Resolved Roles are shown assigned to the wrong companions

    Summary: Roles assigned to the companions are showed wrong on the "Assign new role" dialogue, more info on the Media section. Sometimes it shows that character A has every role, then sometimes it shows character B. How to Reproduce: Assign Quartermaster to Nogand, and one or two other roles to...
  9. What are you doing guys? Every patch contains more and more errors

    sorry for posting this, but what are you doing? It is several months released as early access and each patch contains ****load of new errors. I had three crashes in past 20 minutes, just in dialogues which worked before - when trying to solve quest Company of trouble, after two successes...
  10. Some Thoughts After 100 Hours- Army Building, Dialogue, Economy, Crafting and Clan Management

    I've been playing this game a ton, and absolutely love it! I'm a huge fan of the premise, and most of what the game does is excellent. There are a few hiccups, as one might expect, but mostly excellent content and mechanics. After about 100 hours in campaign I have a number of thoughts I want to...
  11. MinhTien

    Allow Player to: 1. attack bandit parties without talking; 2. Refuse to let bandits surrender

    When the EA first came out, a lot of people already complained that the multiple Loading screens for a simple bandit battle is REALLY annoying and pointless, it's not like you gain anything talking to those bazillion bandits. This absolutely needs to change. Since then, a big change to the game...
  12. Holy Shift

    Dialog Bug with Hostile NPC in Player Led Army.

    If i ask 'Neretzes Folly' to a NPC Lord which we are in a war with, i cant attack them at campaign map and i have to pursue NPC led party/army one more time no matter i recently choosen 'i dont care, surrender or die' option .
  13. Resolved Game is stuck, when i try to marry Svana

    Summary: Game is stuck, when i try to marry Svana. Correctly, when i ask Godun about it. I've start dialog. He ask me a bribe for marriage. I give him his gold. And then game is stuk. Face animation and background freeze. In task manager application shows "not responding". Version: I dunno...
  14. Spelling mistake in "seed grain" quest

    Should say "our belts" rather than "are belts". The response "Sorry. I can't do that right now." is also sorta weird, as the quest giver haven't actually requested anything specific to "do" yet. A "Sorry. I can't help right now" might fit better.
  15. MinhTien

    Resolved In the world map, companions are sometimes blocked by foliages when talk to.

    Summary: I have my companions' parties in my army. When I talk to them, the dialog scene load, but the companion model is either blocked or replaced by foliage, sometimes a tree, sometimes a bush. This does not seem to affect other NPCs as far as I have seen, but I didn't comprehensively test...
  16. mitts

    Need More Info Infinite Dialog Loop on Campaign Map

    How to Reproduce: I am a vassal and I was being chased by an enemy lord in an opposing faction. Upon reaching me, I was able to convince them to join our faction successfully. Upon returning to the campaign screen, they were now on our faction but the new friendly lord wouldn't stop trying to...
  17. Need More Info Dialogue not implemented: "Default Intro for Famous Player" appearing

    This has occurred a few times, but as a relatively new character (Renown 43) I've seen this pop up with a number of NPCs. I'm guessing I don't need to post my computer's specs but if you want the info let me know.
  18. Circle314

    Need More Info [1.0.8] Wrapped text in dialog box exceeds cell height

    Sometimes the text in an on-hover dialog box wraps over two lines, exceeding the cell height, which then obscures other text:
  19. Sound Dialogs with fan service.

    I know that you are not planning to sound the dialogs, because there are so much. But this would be very immersive. Would it be not possible to make this as a fanservice? So that you make a website were the peoble can speak in the phrases? Like a random thing? So that everyone got some dialogs...
  20. [Question for Developers] Are Alliances, Feasts & Tournaments with XP (etc) coming back?

    Hello, as I have mentioned, I was playing Bannerlord and felt something a bit odd, there were no invitations to feasts- tournaments felt a little less enticing with no chance to gain experience (because of the variety we get of different weapons we have to use like that of warband in order to...
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