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  1. Console Update

    Is there any timeline, status, or plan of action for the 1.2 patch to come to console? I understand that at this point, players are just as tired asking this question, as players are answering with “ Be patient..soon..just wait”. I understand that they want to take their time and make sure it’s...
  2. Halvdan

    SP - General Village improvements

    Village improvements need to be implemented so the beginning of the game is more interesting. A player should enjoy having just a small fief and developing it before they seek getting a castle or a city. This was implemented in a war band and prove the early gameplay significantly and allow...
  3. hoonii

    TW should really do a Reddit AMA or something.

    A lot of people with a lot of questions that are sometimes answered. We really need to ask developers questions and get all answers. I liked the effort Callum and AVRC put in the last couple of weeks but I believe community needs more. What do you guys think?
  4. Silverthief

    Questions on a Timetable for Expanded Features Post Release

    Playing through Bannerlord now and immediately after release it is clear that so much loving and careful work has been put into expanding the games base features and addressing balance issues, not to mention the tireless hours of bug fixing that has gone toward making this game the beautiful and...
  5. It would be nice if the Devs added: Breathing, (more) Yelling, Ambient sounds & Death cries

    Greetings, inspiration for this request I had just finished the Series Game of Thrones for the first time ever & was intrigued on the "Battle of the Bastards" episode where two huge armies went at it and we as the viewers were able to see a close up of people fighting. The Current state of...
  6. dragonuff

    SP - General Can we get an option to marry wanderers/companions into other houses so we can strengthen alliances?

    This topic came up between me and my brother how we typically play mount and blade is we choice a companion in each other single player game as a personification of each other so it makes us feel like we a playing coop since wanderers join as members of your clan and many have backstorys of...
  7. Armor rating

    I have noticed that many helmets in the game, for example the northern helmet, which almost completely exposes the jaw and the cheeks, has 31 armor rating while the segmented skullcab over mail coif, which cover the ears, the jaw and the cheeks with chainmail together with a helmet, has only 24...
  8. Kortze26

    2 weeks since the last hotfix, 7 weeks since the last full update

    What are the chances that we can get an update on how the bugfixes are coming along that cropped up with the code refactor? There are some really good games coming up starting next month with Baldur's Gate 3, followed by Crusader Kings 3 in September. I've been an ardent follower of Bannerlord...
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