1. Nawari

    What would be an ideal "Bannerlord" for you?

    My ideal "Bannerlord" for me would be a much more immersive Bannerlord and many other activities more interesting than repeated battles. I "preach" on this forum for a "singleplayer" Bannerlord with more interactive npcs, truly "endearing" companions, a deeper "diplomatic" and "economic" game...
  2. Lukee123

    More depth ideas for improved gameplay

    Was thinking about what this game was missing and thought to put some words to paper- feel free to add- yes, some of these ideas may not be possible within the current dev progression but the dynastic and living/ruling as a lord element just seems abundant and quite shallow in its current state...
  3. Spyware

    Player Marrying INTO another Clan? Starting with a Clan should be Optional.

    I tested out the console command of campaign.change_clan_leader and I decided to play as just some guy from my family since I can't switch players until death and even if I did, I become a clan leader anyway... And I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if we could just marry into other clans...
  4. Skyn0s

    Coat of Arms - Medieval time realism

    Hello there, Cause it was so enjoyable to play for 40hours, and with a lot of ideas that appears to make that game better and better, I decided also to post one of them. Because I'm very interested in history, and because i like to add depth in all the way i can, i would have love a simple...
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