1. Resolved Game crash on marriage proposal

    Game crushes on marriage proposal when you set amount of denars and delete every value except zeros GUI becomes frozen then game crashes to desktop after a couple seconds OS: Win10 GPU: gtx 1050ti GPU Driver Version: 457.51 CPU: amd ryzen 5 1600x RAM: 8gb 2934mhz Motherboard: Asus prime...
  2. NamFlow

    In Progress [UI] Wrong calculation of income in the clan screen

    Summary: The finances tab, which is displayed when you open the clan screen, is showing incorrect "Total Income" in denars/gold, which then makes the "Daily Change" not correlate to amount of denars in "Expected" and "Expected Change" fields. I believe it doesn't take into account if the main...
  3. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.3] Quest "The Art of the Trade" denar fractions

    Hi, during the offering of the quest "The Art of the Trade" with the NPC I got some denar fractions:
  4. My thoughts on the campaign economy.

    Hello, I've been playing Bannerlord since the game was released, and really, I've been trying to be patient. I'm honestly really loving this game and I do support TaleWorlds but something needs to happen but I diverse. Back when the game released in Early Access in March, there was no limit on...
  5. hsngrms

    SP Native Profitable Workshops

    Profitable Workshops mod changes default workshop parameters to make them more profitable starting from day 1 (day 0 is first buy date). List of modifications Workshop buy price = 1 denar (Game default = 12k+) Daily expense = 1 denar (Game default = 25 or more) Production change cost = 1 denar...
  6. Resolved [Beta 1.4.0] Horse Duplication Exploit

    Hello, Note: I would post a video and screenshots, however since this is a new account i have a 24 hour restriction. After starting a new campaign in M&T Bannerlord (e1.4.0), I participated in a few tournaments one of which had a horse as the main prize to win ("Battanian Thoroughbred")...
  7. Keimpe

    Wow that is a bit steep.

    A piece of head armor for almost 400.000? I got it from my wife. She is managing my town. And i got her gear. Fair trade. But wow. That is a lot of Denars.
  8. Unresolved Land tax policy causes decimal point denar daily change

    Summary: Since my kingdom ruler got the land tax policy through, giving him 5% of tax from all villages in the kingdom, I now only receive 95% of the tax. However the game gives really long decimals, which I think isn't the intention. In the screen shot below, my daily change is not 32 or 33...
  9. GG Cannon


    I would like to request and suggest to move the information about detailed income and expenditure of Denars to a new tab inside the clan window. It makes pretty much no sense that inside the clan window, you have only a few information about your finance: Yet, if you place your mouse on top...
  10. Lucius Confucius

    Smithing alternative, place order with NPC for X Denars.

    Right now there are probably a lot of players like me who just don't use the smithing feature at all. To rectify this it would be great if we had an NPC in each forge where we could select from all parts and create our own custom weapon using Denars. Mind you, it should be costly. A good sword...
  11. [Bug Report] Tournament not giving the correct gold reward

    So I just did a test with a tournament and its not giving back the correct amount of gold. At the time my starting cash was 9953, I bet 300 each round for 4 rounds with each round the estimated total going up by the following values +484 +464 +371 +339 The estimated total on reaching the last...
  12. Unresolved [Bug] Gang leader sword quest (e1.0.2)

    I took the quest where you gather swords and give them to a gang leader. In this case, I needed 8 swords (quality and type didn't matter), so I forged 5 swords in addition to the 3 I already had (2 Northern Tapered Blade and 1 custom sword). When I went back to complete the quest the gang leader...
  13. Sea raiders broken?

    so I got a quest from a guy in a town which wanted me to hunt down 2 sea raider group. It lead me to get a 19k denar armor(decorated Northern Hauberk) after the battle. I have been getting tier 4 or more loot from sea raiders before but I think this is just insane tbh
  14. Need More Info Infinite Money Glitch?

    So I am playing the single player game right now and I was given the Castle called Onica. A little while later I used influence to get the city Poros. Before I got Poros I was sitting around 24K Denars. I am getting around 1580 Denars from Poros, bringing my average Denars change to +4k. But...
  15. In Progress Quest "Escort a Caravan..." doesn't pay anything

    Title says it all, I've done 2 different quests, both of them say they'll pay me 'costs on the road', then I still pay my full retinue fees. Not seeing a change in inventory gold / day either. Is this bugged, unfinished, or something else? Not angry, tho. I'm loving this game so far!