1. retroindiejosh

    Garrison troops

    A strong garrison in your castle is a great idea, since they're the first line of defense against an enemy that chooses to attack. I've found after you start getting castles, especially after the second one, it becomes a fine balancing act between spending too much money and losing your castles...
  2. Farticle

    My attempt at a guide to Siege Multiplayer.

    This is a collection of a bunch of tips and things I think I've learned about playing Siege where both teams are actually trying to win. My hope is that it will give newer players enough information to play at least effectively and not give up on Multiplayer altogether. Some of the information...
  3. Homer Griffin

    Defensive AI: Clan Role & Personality Based

    Introduction As I and others have stated, the Lord AI in its current state is very aggressive, rarely stopping for peace and always raiding or besieging enemy fiefs, never caring for their own. This leads to castles and towns having weak garrisons, unstoppable armies of over 1000 men, and one...
  4. VaneFox

    Need More Info Infinite Loading Screen Siege Defense

    I would count this as a crash considering the game can't be interacted with at all beyond this point. The horse still gallops though, it also constantly uses 70% of my cpu and 60% of my 2080ti during this loading process. This has occurred to me when attempting to defend Vostrum from a siege...
  5. BoogieMan

    In Progress Crashes 100% of the time during defensive siege

    Regardless of what I'm doing or my game settings, from max to full on minimum, my game crashes a few minutes into sieges when I am on the defending side, 100% of the time. I don't think I've crashed as the attacker yet. Windows 10 Pro x64 Operating system and games on seperate SSDs. Intel Core...
  6. Siege defense: operating siege weapons?

    Not sure how to get my siege weapons to work when defending from castles. Could be a bug, or I could just be dumb. Do they just automatically fire with crew?
  7. Time to organise army when defending

    I don't know if this changes later in the game, but currently it's a mad rush to try and get some semblance of organised formations going before your armies clash. I haven't really had time to try out the new formations because I'm just hurriedly separating my from my infantry and trying to...
  8. ShinAmiriHatchi

    Neden oyunda otomatik savunma olmadığını sorabilir miyim acaba?

    Ben M&B oyunlarında savunmayı otomatik seçen biriyim ve bunun Bannerlord'da olmaması benim gıcığıma gitmekte, yapımcıların bunu gelecek bir yamada yeniden ekleyebilmeleri mümkün olabilir mi acaba? Bundan sinir kapan herhalde yalnızca ben değilim.
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