1. Defecting fix (1.8.0 beta) ?

    So devs obviously not gonna fix this for another month or two and game is unplayable becasue of that. Is there option to fix defecting rate (that too much over defecting bug)? Like rewrite some value in setting or files? I dont want to go back to 1.7.2 i just want the lords to stop leaving...
  2. AI Black Banner when they join my kingdom?

    hey i need your help guys everytime i get a clan to join my kingdom there banner turns to just a pure black one nothing else what is causing this? i have no banner mods on apart from a custom banner that i imported for my own kingdom
  3. TaleWorlds please

    I'm loving your studio since I've seen m&b warband /with fire and sword. Bannerlord looks brilliant compared to warband but as early access game it still has problems to resolve. At first let's talk about optimalization. My computer is almost on "recommended level".1 thing which is worse is a...
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