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  1. Fantasy Other Running my own dedicated Bannerlord server

    I would like to run my own mods on my own Bannerlord server for myself and my friends, much like I already do with Minecraft. Are there resources for doing this? I am hoping someone can point me to resources that others are using for running their own modded server? Are there other community...
  2. Kaiser_SG

    In Progress Deticated server in Linux

    Hello there! someone know how to host a NW server in Linux (Ubuntu). I just follow a lot of guides but i got the same error. Thx
  3. Vinn7

    South América Server can be biggest

    Hello everyone, in special the developers. Greetings from South America Dear TaleWorlds, I'll be brief with your time. I am the representative of the Warband group in Brazil, we are a lot of fans of the game Mount & Blade, we have created big tournaments and some paid with prizes and we want to...
  4. Oosten

    Are dedicated Servers still planned for full release?

    Hello! I'm just wondering if there have been any update on the release of dedicated server files. I had asked on launce day of the beta and was told by the devs that they would available with the full release of the game within a year. Its been almost 2 years now. Thanks!
  5. LiVion

    Is there any hope for dedicated server?

    Is there any possibility to get the dedicated server files this year? The most of the Warband Community is waiting since the release to be able to mod bannerlord. Now for over a year and a half there were some changes for the modding tools you can use for the singleplayer modding but i see no...
  6. Noobfest

    How to make Bannerlord MP relevant again with one easy trick

    TaleWorlds has the power to bring a massive, stable playerbase to the game and more specifically MP with a single, simple step! RELEASE THE DEDICATED SERVERS Stop trying to force players to enjoy an obviously broken system and give them the infinite options that dedicated servers offer :)
  7. we need custom servers asap

    me and my friends really like to playing MP. but the server is empty expect brain damaging TDM server. looking forward to play skirmish or siege but it took forever to match making. and when match making finally got a match, it is unplayable because of the ping. it really frustrating. i just...
  8. How to host dedicated server for steam version

    My friend and I have spent days looking for an answer, but can't seem to find one anywhere. After reaching out to support, I was told to post my question here. To those active few, any ideas? We have been attempting to host our own dedicated server, but we cannot get it to work. We both own the...
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