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declaration of peace

  1. In Progress crash on declaring peace while joining siege

    Summary: I go to the castle where I can find lord I want to ask to join my kingdom But castle is under siege by army of my vassal Game asks me if I want to join the siege I go to kingdom tab and declare peace Game crashes when it supposed to go back to main map. How to Reproduce: use my save...
  2. In Progress Unable to make peace with factions bug 1.4.1

    When i barter peace with a faction and it says barter offer accepted nothing happens it just keeps me at war with them and does not make peace It is not a mod related issue as it happens on a fresh new campaign with no mods activated Any ideas?
  3. Peace is declared too quickly; cannot make War!

    So, I've been playing as a vassal under Southern Empire and we've had a pretty good time so far, conquering most of Calradia and amassing a HUGE army ~20000 strong. So strong, in fact, that after our last war, I cannot seem to have declared any war that lasts more than a day! Even won't make a...
  4. Spamming Declaration of Peace

    I get spammed with Declarations of Peace about every 5-10 minutes or so. As you can see from the screenshot above I get almost 100 notifications when it happens. My campaign only has the factions of Aserai, Vlandia and Khuzait left and they all make peace with everyone at the same time, multiple...
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