1. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Custom Campaign Start

    I would like to suggest the ability to fully customize a campaign start. You would be able to: Choose which factions you start the game with, dominated by a particular faction, with x or y factions eliminated Change and choose which settlements each faction holds if any. Change the names of...
  2. WB Coding Adding Custom Character Skill into Mod

    I known that the learning limit value of all character's skills is 15. But I would like to "STRONG" increase movement speed of characters in the battle, so I would like to add a new CUSTOM skill with feature is same with "Athletics" skill but more effect. How can I do that (Without coding would...
  3. Degrees of Death Mode

    Big fan of the Death Mode, however I feel like there should be an adjustable scale of likelihood of death after being slain. For example, currently it appears to be ~10% across the board. I'd like to be able to adjust it as desired for different character types. For example, I'd like to be able...
  4. Holy Shift

    Custom Char Creation Without Any Culture Bonus

    Yes. Players will give their focus an attribute points freely at cost of no culture bonus.
  5. Custom Formations (Single Player)

    Hi it is Nate again, I have an idea to use one of the open F keys to command troops or armies into custom formations mid-battle. In my mind, you could have an interface where you draw a shape for a particular formation, such as a "Reverse U" shape to place your archers around a hill but not...
  6. BL Coding Current process for creating custom factions and troops?

    Hello, I searched the forum for references to custom troops and found links to articles from more than 10 years ago. I researched the advanced custom battle mod, but apparently that stopped working some time earlier this year. Can someone point me in the direction of a process, guide or mod...
  7. Ser Jon

    Custom Flags (as a mod)

    Hello, Is it at all possible to mod the flags in Bannerlord, as you could in Warband? I'm aware of the website based mod, but that is way too limited. I like to make my own heraldic symbols and whatnot, and I did so for Warband. So, is there anyway to achieve this? Thanks~ :)
  8. samdomino

    Tutorial Coding Epic GauntletUI Tutorial (Custom Buttons and UIs)
  9. hsngrms

    Thought I lost my Bannerlord save bcz of mods

    As mentioned in title I thought I lost my precious save game which I advanced in main questline probably more than anyone else, with help of some mods to make everything easier ofc.. I'm still noob-ish player. Thought that happened after 1.2.0 update bcz mods broke my save.. And took me 30 mins...
  10. Need More Info Column formation breaks down at large numbers

    Summary: Large numbers of troops trying to get into column formation causes many troops to get stuck/left behind for a while. How to Reproduce: Setup a large formation (I did it in custom battle) and tell them to get into column formation. At large numbers, many troops will have issues doing...
  11. John Frederick

    [The Book of Heraldry] Post your custom banners!

    Hello again, With the introduction of the custom banner creator, I've seen multiple gaming websites with some intricate, and some funny banners that players have been creating. Just like my blacksmithing equivalent thread, let this one serve as a place to post, share, and comment on custom...
  12. Schoulayer

    Custom Banners

    I can understand why we cannot import our own custom banners for multiplayer. Players could upload inappropriate images. It would also cause gameplay issues as players would be forced to load images from every other player. However, I see no reason why we should not be able to import our own...
  13. F4z0R

    Troop Trees / Units

    -Camels/ elephants additionally to horses for southern factions (Aserai, Southern Empire...) -Creating a custom troop tree for the kingdom created by the player (limited by gold for high tier troops to not make them overpowered) -The option to create a prisoner/slave army and let them fight for...
  14. Corelias

    Custom Banners/Flags

    A guy on reddit came up with this site. Lets you create multi-layered banners for use in Bannerlord till they figure out how to import custom files. From the site: How to use Make your banner. Copy it using the button above. Press Ctrl+V in the Banner Editor Note that pasting with Ctrl+V will...
  15. Hairy Yahoo

    Clans, Customization and Duel Server

    Hello, I'm a veteran warband player with more than 2,5k hours in the game. I have 3 main concerns regarding multiplayer aspect of the game (1.0.4) . First, lack of duel server. Because of that I find it hard to test and understand stun times of hits, effectiveness of footwork and outspamming...
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