custom music

  1. wizcas

    BL Coding No way to replace the culture selection music??

    I've investigated this for a few days, but still have no clue about how to replace the music with my own pieces when selecting a culture in the CC menu (i.e., the CharacterCreationScreen). What I've found so far: When selecting a culture, it calls...
  2. Resource Browser Scene Editor Music modding documentation request

    Hi. Can the modding community get a piece of documentation regarding adding music to the game? It's hard to figure out how it works in-game. If developers can explain it will help for sure.
  3. Etrepcar

    Will completely custom (battle) music be possible?

    In Warband you had one file for battle music: one for fighting the Khergits, one for fighting the Swadians etc. You could easily replace them with your own music and it wouldn't conflict. However in Bannerlord, the music is dynamic, which sounds good, until you realize that every single dynamic...
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