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  1. gupolicarpo

    BL Scening Custom Campaign Map pbr_shaders crash not resolving. Please Help

    Hello TW team, I am struggling since the 1.8.0 beta release to have my previosully 100% 1.7.2 working campaign map to be functional in 1.8.0. I cannot resolve the issue with the crash on native pbr shader. I tried everything under my capacities and i am an active memebr of the modding discord...
  2. gupolicarpo

    BL Scening Custom campaign map navmesh not appearing when updated to 1.8.0

    Hello TW, unfortunatedly my custom campaign map, when opened in editor 1.8.0 do not show any navmesh when i hit the navmesh button. I already rolled back to 1.7.2, checked it again, played in game, updated again to 1.8.0 but they still do not show up. I revalidated tools files, but also the...
  3. Aldarith

    WFAS Community Maps Mod

    I just wanted to share this work somewhere it will be accessible for those hosting servers. This is a collection of approximately 80 maps, most finished and playable and some unfinished by myself and others from between 2015-2018. Many of these you will remember from WESTRES_SIEGE server, as...
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