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custom battle

  1. Lornloth00

    Custom Battle and Reinforcements

    Could custom battle have a form of that spawns into the battle to simulate the single player campaigns? It could come in the form of an integer setting and a check box for an amount of units to reinforce either side. So if the player's battle size is set to 200 in the graphic settings that will...
  2. Bunduk

    BL Scening Atmosphere not applyed to map in custom battle?

    Hello i created an map and in editor i can see my atmosphere. When i click on save to scene button and leave the editor and start the custom battle its not applyed to my map but in editor yes. Is there a way to make custom battle or campaign scenes with the atmosphere editor?
  3. Darkening Demise

    Properly Label Siege Maps In Custom Battle

    Unless you're a hardcore player you won't remember who Varnovopal and Argoron belongs to. What if you want a certain siege map for certain defenders? You shouldn't need to Google it, to which you won't get any results for in the first place because Google search is garbage. What should be done...
  4. Elsek

    In Progress Custom Battle Siege Engine Crash

    While playing custom battles on a siege there is a crash if you place a siege engine,click on it again and press done. Version:e1.4.1 The crash on action:
  5. Corbul

    WB Other Is there a way to add more maps to the Custom Battles and Multiplayer map rosters?

    I mean, without replacing them outright. Surely there's a way of adding new multiplayer maps, but with Custom Battles, it probably either requires the mod_sys, or there's no way at all, right? Anybody done it? Could you tell me how? Thank you.
  6. Astorias27

    Multiplayer Custom Battles would be a HIT !!! Change my mind..

    There would be nothing more cool if you could fight your friend or a random person in a custom battle, each one with their own army, like custom battle atm. Thanks
  7. MisterDanny8

    Any custom battle mods?

    Is there a good mod that allows me to use any troop in custom battle for testing? Right now it just gives me 3-4 troops from each faction.
  8. Multiplayer battles

    Not sure if anyone else has suggested this or if it’s in the works...but it would be really cool to pit your current single player campaign army against someone else’s in a multiplayer field battle. That way there’s variation in troop makeup and whatnot that would be hard to set up in an actual...
  9. Custom battle feedback

    Since 1.1.0 The troops in custom battles lose morale extremely quick whether on player side or a.i. Battania archers can kill over 100 units before anyone even touches the walls with siege equipment. Usually an army starts to retreat close to this point. Troops run extremely fast in custom...
  10. Custom battle day time setting

    I couldn't get a morning day time for custom battle. It always choose night time more than day time. Can a day time setting be implemented for players to set for their custom battle. It would be very helpful to practice formation at day time than at night time.
  11. Custom battle day time setting

    I couldn't get a morning day time for custom battle. It always choose night time more than day time. Can a day time setting be implemented for players to set for their custom battle. It would be very helpful to practice formation at day time than at night time.
  12. WouLinX

    Need More Info Özel Savaş Kale Kuşatması (Crash)

    Bugün kale kuşatmasından çok düşük FPS almamla beraber özel savaşlarda test etme ihtiyacı duydum. Test ettiğimde ayarları aynı şekil yaptığımda tekrar ve tekrar crash yediğimi gördüm. Ayarlarsa şu şekilde: ÖZEL SAVAŞ Oyuncu: Arcor (Bunu seçince hep gece savaşları oluyor) Taraf: İmparatorluk...
  13. MisterDanny8

    More Units in Custom Battles for Testing

    You should be able to choose the exact troops to use in custom battles for testing reason. As of now it gives you a tier 3 troop in the troop type you pick (as for as i know.) For example if i choose Vlandian infantry it will give me Vlandian Infantry ONLY. And there is no way for me to get...
  14. Need More Info Game crashes when loading into Custom Battle

    My game crashes everytime I click into Custom Battle in the menu. Pls fix dis
  15. New multiplayer modes: multiplayer custom battle

    a bigger commander mode would be great fun, from two to four players but who can control more than one unit and more numerous, or simply add multiplayer to the custom battle!
  16. Custom Troops

    One of the most loved features in the mods of Warband was the posiblity of making your own Troop trees, giving them the armor and weapons you wanted to enhance your play style, i was really sad to found that this feature was not included in the base game since in medieval armies nobles always...
  17. Custom Games : Why are Sturgians so weak?

    Oke so because the game is so buggy and all core mechanics are broken I decided to play some custom games 100 v 100 I played a few games just making warriors crash into each other to compare different troops against other nations, I noticed however that Sturgian troops lost against every type...
  18. Blantanamo

    Need More Info Strange sound

    After winning a custom battle, this sound accompanied me.
  19. Need More Info Commander shouts "Infantry" when cavalry selected

    As the title says, commander shouts Infantry when I select cavalry, in Custom Battle. Settings are: Empire, battle, playing as Arcor
  20. Bloc

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Alright folks, I would like to share something that I was working on for a week. You all probably saw the Custom Battle mod that is around everywhere. This is not so much different from that one. This version includes the following Important: This mod is discontinued now. It won't work with...
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