1. Marth The Gryphonhearted

    MP Musket Era Mod Events

    Greetings Everyone, I come from the Warband Mod Event community, a community of over 400 people who organise and administer weekly events in various Warband mods, including North and South: First Manassas! If you are interested in joining regular events for this awesome mod, our community...
  2. [TANV_CSA] Army of Northern Virginia (ru)

    Северовирджинская Армия Конфедерации [CS_Army]Армия КША Направленность: Профи Лобби клана: https://discord.gg/XUJ8jeD Контактные данные: Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/steven_beck/ | Discord - Joe Radon Mok#3545 Кратко о нас Полк Napoleonic Wars. Сборы, ивенты. На сервере для...
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