crush through

  1. Peanut_Brother

    Resolved Unarmed combat results in null reference exception.

    I'm writing a mod that involves a fist fight in a bar (I'm using Mission.StartCustomFight() and passing dropWeapons=true as an arg). After a few seconds into testing the fight, it crashes with a System.NullReferenceException. After doing some debugging, it looks like there might need to be an...
  2. soul_jak

    crush through is broken af and should be gone 1.5

    okay first off love how responsive blocks are now but my god! There is a huge problem with crush through. Ive been hit up to 95 hp thats ridiculous if anything at max should be 20 hp plus there is just no counter to a crush through. not even a shield stops it. Anything that has no counter should...