1. cRPG mod issue

    Hey soo i was perma banned from thier discord for hate speech and racism say what you will in my opinion a mute would suffice the mod main dev said that the ban is only permanent on discord after people started to call them out after thier own behaviour regarding the matter they responded with...
  2. [KR]Knight Rhode[AS/CN]

    [KR]Knight Rhode[AS/CN]

    Knight of Rhode [KR] 罗德骑士团 -About us- “We are not Koreans!!!!”? the real meaning is Knight of Rhode# We come from China ?? KR is founded in 2018 CN mountblade Forums Official certification Clan. -Honors- ? warband / 2018 [S6] MCL(M&B China Legude) Atlantis Cup—Top8? warband / 2019 [S7]...
  3. takeoshigeru

    MP Native cRPG

    Let me introduce you the long awaited cRPG mod for Bannerlord. cRPG was one the most popular multiplayer mod for Mount & Blade Warband. It added a persistent character leveling where you would start as a peasant and develop your unique character with different stats and items. See the (10 years...
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