1. Mr.Chicken

    Resolved [Beta v1.2.2] Lvl 250 skill perk "Picked Shots" under Crossbow skill tree is somewhat misleading

    Summary: The perk states "-50% wages of tier 4+ troops". I tested this and it only works for archer units (bow & horse archers too). The way it's written one would undoubtedly believe it would apply to all t4+ troops. How to Reproduce: Xbow skill to 250 & hire units Have you used cheats and if...
  2. deuxhero

    SP - General More bolts per quarrel

    Currently all elite crossbow men have only one quarrel to hold a shield, making them worse ranged units than bowmen due to their highly limited ammo supply. Bolts and arrows are also very samey in item properties. I think one way to fix both of these would be to make bolts have more bolts...
  3. Resolved Unable to reload Heavy Crossbow on Horseback

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Equip heavy crossbow, engage battle on horseback, shoot, can't reload unless unmounting. This is odd enough but reloading works with a light crossbow. Have you used cheats and if so which: none Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS...
  4. In Progress Crossbow unreloadable on horseback tooltip missing after 1.7.0 patch

    Summary: Crossbow unreloadable on horseback tooltip missing after 1.7.0 patch How to Reproduce: Description: "Hickory crossbow" can't be reloaded; after the 1.7.0 patch, the tooltip no longer provides this information Steps to reproduce: 1.1. Open latest version (1.7.0) of game 1.2. Open...
  5. MP_Erik

    Bow vs Crossbow Balance (Poll)

    I've been comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Bows and Crossbows and come to the following result: Crossbow: -Faster readying time, -Longer holding time, -Less bullet drop, -More damage, -Equal fire rate. Bow: -Legolas has one. I know these imbalances have been pointed out from time to...
  6. Agroplode

    Resolved Crossbow with wrong stats

    Hey The Imperial Crossbowmen tier 4 are equipped with the really bad "Crossbow" which only has 35 speed. Normal Crossbows are all in the 60-63 speed range. This makes the Imp Crossbowmen inferior tier 4 Troop. The same Crossbow when found in a Town Shop also have the bad speed of only 35...
  7. Agroplode

    Perks against missile damage taken and stacking them?

    I tried to test them but I have no real scientific results and today I can't even load the saves. ? Have anyone knowledge of the Anti Missile Damage Perks and if they do in fact stack in some sort of way. Bow - Skirmish Phase Master 175 You take 10% less damage from ranged attacks. in game...
  8. limier

    Killing Faction Leader Consequence

    I joined sturgia and then i shooted Raganvad in his back with a crossbow in front of his men. He died. Will there be some consequences when you friendly fire other Lords / faction Leader etc?
  9. Nordwolf

    Crossbows need tweaks to their aim spread asap

    In short - you shouldn't be able to flick-shot with crossbows. Your aim should spread when doing sharp rotations of your camera, same way it does while walking. Also spread while jumping should be reasonably increased. I personally don't see any reason why crossbows should stay like they are...
  10. Imperial Cataphract

    Resolved 1.5.4 Mounted crossbow will not reload when still

    Playing the beta, enjoying it so far. but I can't seem to reload my crossbow when still on my horse, I have to move forward or backwards, even slightly to allow me to reload. its not that bad I just thought you would like to know.
  11. mrj760


  12. Holy Shift

    Resolved Crossbowmen and Companions Joining to Malee Infantry with Startup

    Levy and mercenary crossbowmen, mamluk regulars and companions always start in the malee infantry group 1 with every launch. It was same all the time since game released. Is it realy hard to fix?
  13. Holy Shift

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Levy Crossbowmen Joining to Infantry (Class 1) After Every Game Launch

    It was happening to companions visually and they were staying into cavalry despite it. But levy crossbows are different in that.
  14. Holy Shift

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Let Weakest Crossbows be Used on Mount Without Skill

    or just make the horse archery perks work please.
  15. Abuzut

    In Progress Infinite Automatic Crossbow Bug

  16. Askey

    Light Crossbow (Skill Requirement 0) - Solved

    Recently I created a new character with the idea of making a mercenary company. All would be crossbow men and we would support different armies of a particular faction. I noticed that with the current crossbows you need a skill of 20. So I farmed exp in practice fights over and over until I...
  17. Crossbow Skill Progression Locked out at Character Creation?

    Hello, I do not seem to be able to find a Crossbow that does not have a skill requirement less than 10. My Character currently has only a skill level of 5 in Crossbows. Is this intended? There seems to be no way to progress in Crossbows if your character doesn't already have at least 10 points...
  18. Crossbows too weak?

    Before we start: lets make a few things clear: -Battanian Fian Champions are currently unmatched if it comes to ranged units -Arrows have more Ammo then Bolts -Bows shoot faster then Crossbows -Bows have higher range then Crossbows. Now lets think: why did humanity even invent the crossbows...
  19. Why is there a Crossbow Skill?

    I mean, I get it you should have a skill for accuracy, but crossbows were mainly used because any old farmer could pick one up and be deadly with almost no training Right now I'm trying to give a companion a crossbow but I cant find a crossbow with a low enough skill threshold for him to use...
  20. Tutorial and Crossbow issues

    A few bugs, issues, and suggestions I noticed creating a new character this week: Talking to the village headman (from the tutorial questline) grants ~40 skill points to charm. I had a 2 in the social attribute and 0 focus points in charm. The Nahasawi horse duplicates once the player is...
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