crashes game at startup

  1. AngryPanCake

    In Progress Frequent game crashes

    Summary: I was playing 1.7.1 on my older PC (ROG Maximus VIII, GTX 970, 32 Gb RAM, Windows 10) with no major issues for a while until the language problems (after 1.8.0 or so) and then the governor/health and whatever errors started crashing the game consistently. The Mod fixes on Nexus took...
  2. Need More Info Crash on 'Play' through launcher. No crash report, clean reinstall won't solve it.

    Summary: As soon as I press 'PLAY' in the launcher, the launcher disappears and after about a second the 'X STOP' blue button on Steam turns into the green '> PLAY' button. No Bannerlord-related task appears in the task manager after the 'BannerlordLauncher' task is closed when I press 'PLAY' in...
  3. YouMoMCallME

    Resolved Newest hotfix crashes game at startup e1.5.9 beta

    Newest hotfix crashes game at startup e1.5.9 beta BETA e1.5.9 Full Ultra Settings Steam Version No Mods Computer Specs: Win 10 gtx 1080 i7 9700k 32gb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S HDD 1000 GB SSD 500 GB
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