crash fixes

  1. Kaptain Cnuckles

    Pushing Each Beta's Crash Fixes to the Respective Stable Branches as Hotfixes

    In a previous suggestion, I highlighted that Beta branches tend to be exceptionally buggy (which says a lot due to the game already being an EA state but I digress). It's most players' big deterrent for serious playthroughs on those branches. However, those betas usually come with loads of crash...
  2. InfinityFire

    Thanks for 1.0.4 and the crash fixes

    A bit late on this post and likely no one will read it, but I just wanted to express my thanks for the timely bug squashing and crash fixes. Though Bannerlord still seems to be lacking in many of the advertised features, especially for so long in development, I can say that the game feels much...
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