crash during siege

  1. chillender

    Resolved Game crashes during battles

    Summary:My game crashes when i try to give order to my troops using f1-f2-f3 etc. keys. While this happens sometimes in field battles, it almost always occurs during offensive sieges. A pop up appears says something about markers and game crashes. How to Reproduce: Just try to give orders to...
  2. OPG Godsend

    Resolved GPU Crashing "d3d_device_context->map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed!" randomly in both large and small battles

    "d3d_device_context->map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed! The GPU device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action. ^That along with other variations all pertaining to the graphics card crashing. Sometimes I can do a full massive siege...
  3. Adryl

    Resolved [beta 1.5.2] crashing during siege combat

    Summary: As of the new beta 1.5.2 branch today, I've suddenly started getting crashes during siege combat. How to Reproduce: The crash seems to occur when the secondary gate is breached (after the battering ram destroys the main gate). I confirmed this by pulling back my troops after the...
  4. Unresolved Crash after besieging castle and defending an attack when you talk to companion.

    Summary: Game crashes. How to Reproduce: Once you defend against an army while you're besieging a town youll take on any troops they had as prisoner. You'll go over your troop amount so you'll want to give your companions your extra troops. Well when you click their icon it crashes during the...
  5. Unresolved Crashing in a middle of a fight

    I kept on crashing when i was about to kill someone in a battle and also happened during a siege
  6. Unresolved Games Crashes during Siege-Battles

    Games Crashes during Siege-Battles. It doesn't matter whether it's attack or defense. It crashes when i am doin nothing during attack/defence and it crashed when i fight with my boys. I have this problem since 1.0.7 and the patch 1.0.8 didn't fix that for me.
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