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  1. Resolved Crafted weapons' blade length set bigger than default causes the part to levitate

    Summary: Whenever I craft a weapon and make the blade part bigger than default, the part levitates, detached from the rest of the parts. The crafting preview does not show the glitch at first, it only appears after leaving the smithy. The problem does not appear if I keep the size of the blade...
  2. In Progress Visual Bug with Crafted Sword

    Summary: While smithing my "Excalibur" ;) I found that the sword has a gap between the blade and guard. How to Reproduce: Smithing components: Short Arming Sword Blade (rank V) Max Length Knightly Golden Cresent Shaped Guard (rank V) Max Length Gold Bound Arming Sword Grip (rank V) Max Length...
  3. In Progress Crafted weapon values changes every time i restart a game

    crafted weapon values changes every time i restart a game for example swing damage 135 after i load te same game the swing damage chages 132. I play turkish language is this common bug please help me. Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related)...
  4. Resolved Crafted Weapons bug

    Summary:Crafted weapon with max length appear to have floating blades that do not connect to the hilt. Playing on PS5 How to Reproduce: craft a weapon with max blade and handle length. They will appear to be disconnected. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  5. In Progress General [1.6.0+] Crafted Weapon Pieces Seem to be using LOD1 by default instead of LOD0

    Hello, it would seem that crafted weapon pieces seem to be using LOD1 by default instead of LOD0. I noticed this in 1.6.0 and 1.6.1, but it is possible this has always been present. Please find pictures here: Mesh, Substance, model viewer LOD0, model viewer LOD1 are present.
  6. Need More Info Floating Weapon Parts

    Summary: Crafted polearm blades begin floating off of weapon, creating an annoying gap on the weapon. The weapon looks normal when crafted, however upon exiting and reloading a save, the weapon now has a floating blade. Have yet to see it happen with a different weapon type or with a different...
  7. Nodice83

    Need More Info e1.5.8 Crafted weapon's description in UI - overlapping fonts

    Hi, as stated in the subject.Regards.
  8. Norvell9

    Need More Info Floating weapon parts

    floating weapon parts are easily to see at crafting weapons,don't you think so ? for I just met them.
  9. In Progress blacksmith craft (so much money)

    Hey, I think this is not working correctly. I can create weapons for a lot of money I don't need a lot of resources to craft weapons, but these weapons sell for 100,000 coins. I did not give an example of a dart, but there are many more such weapons.
  10. Creedlord

    Missing crafting parts Two-Handed-Swords

    Hey, just wanted to ask if it is a bug/unfinished or intended that two-handed-swords are missing so many parts in smithing? Looking at the one-handed-swords there are a lot of exclusive two handed parts, which even have "two handed" in their name, or "greatsword" on guard parts. Is it that much...
  11. In Progress I can sell difficulty 100 weapons for over 107k gold

    Exploit report: I can craft 2 handed polearm-weapons with 100 difficulty from 2 steel, 1 hardwood and 1 coal and sell these in towns for 107123 value (which seems a hardcoded max value, since I can also create high difficulty Thamaskene Steel-weapons wich are the same exact value). My feelings...
  12. Fell

    Crafted\Forged Items appear in town market inventories

    So I've noticed, and can confirm, that crafted weapons will start appearing in the market inventories of towns. I haven't sold anything I have made during current playthrough, yet... when I go to the market I will see: (Cr) **** (literally the name) (Cr) is 'Crafting'...
  13. SilverCrow02

    Resolved Crashing when trying to enter twohanded smithing

    Summary: I crash every time I try to open the two handed axe tab in crafting Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:Win10 pro x64 CPU: Intel i5-7600k 3.80Ghz RAM: 16 gb ddr4 GPU: Asus Strix RX 470 8gb BL is in my SSD
  14. Nodice83

    Resolved e1.5.0 Crafted Throwing Axe parameters corrupted while smithing

    Self - explanatory :)
  15. Andrei[beast]

    Resolved *Visual bug* handle of crafted sword is out of proportion

    So i crafted a 2 handed longsword with thamaskene steel and other things but the particular handle that i used and gave the sword the biggest amoiunt of swing damage got bugged out and below the guard of the sword is a big empty space, then the handle that i mentioned, another empty space and...
  16. Smithed Weapons appearing in Tournaments?

    So I just noticed this! I had created a blade called Omor Blade, due to the fact it was created in Omor and I really suck at naming blades and sometime later while I was in Varnovapol, I noticed a tournament and went to check and behold the prize was... the Omor Blade! Is this intended? why...
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