1. Need More Info CPU dip with some menus

    Summary:My whole PC's CPU is lowered when I open any menu except the pause menu or the quest menu. Even if the game is ALT+Tabed the CPU drops to terrible levels. I can run the map smoothly and the mouse does not stutter when looking at the overworld w/o those menus opened. CPU drops from 60% to...
  2. Resolved 1.7.2. - CPU poor performance

    Hi, just wanted to ask about something. It may be a bit late but just wanted to be sure before writing anything. Basically, I have had a problem with CPU performance since the release of patch 1.7.2. On the map, in the menus, and most importantly and severely in the battles. In the previous...
  3. ChristopherR

    What are your PC Specs ?️

    What are your PC Specs? Graphics Card: Processor: Fan Count: Ram: Liquid Cooled (Yes/No): Memory: Hard Drive: I'm giving everyone the opportunity to flex on their peers. Add a picture if you can :xf-wink:
  4. Viranto

    Need More Info Extrem high CPU usage

    I'm not sure if this is normal, but Bannerlord have a extrem high CPU Usage. The problem already start with the launcher, i haven't start the game and the launcher alone take 57% of my CPU. On the Worldmap my CPU is always at 100% and i don't find any way to lower it. But on the Battles, my cpu...
  5. Need More Info Cpu usage for bannerlord always accounts for nearly 100%.

    cpu: i7-8086k gpu: 2080ti Whenever I play bannerlord multiplayer, cpu usage always takes up 100%. The cpu usage of the duel server accounts for 60 to 80%. I can't play multiplayer because I'm nervous... P.S. And how can I move to multiplayer section if I post the wrong article with singleplay...
  6. Need More Info game crashes in battle

    hello guys the game always crashes during battle and it shows 100% CPU usage my laptop spec are: CPU i5 9300H GTX 1050 16GB ram also i have some mods insttalled
  7. CrazyElf

    A technical question about Bannerlord scaling and CPU cores - what is the best core count vs clockspeed? Is it possible to ask the devs directly?

    This is a really technical post and I'm really not sure where to put this, so moderators, please move this if it's not in the right spot - please accept my apologies in advance. I'm wondering what the best core count would be for Bannerlord. I'm building a new PC and I'd like to share this...
  8. Big battles: GPU or CPU driven

    I was thinking of upgrading my PC. (Alienware, GTX 970M, 8gb RAM DDR3 and i7-4710hq) via GPU amplifier. (External graphic card, that actually works fine). This game is one of the main reasons. The issue is that my CPU is good but not outstanding. So in some cases CPU may be the bottleneck...
  9. islemci destegi

    selamlar mount and blade severler, oyunu kac yildir bekliyorum bilmiyorum bile intel i3 islemcim var, rx460 4gb ekran karti 8 gb ram var oyun bende asiri kasiyor.Savas bile yapamiyorum bu islemci illa degismesi mi lazim yoksa duzelirmi acaba yardim edermisiniz bilgilenmek istiyoum ??
  10. TheHangover

    İşlemci konusunda yardım gerekli

    Oyunu 1000 kişilik savaşlarda sıkıntısız oynayabilmek için işlemci almaya korkuyorum. Optimizasyon düzelip aldığım işlemci overkill olursa boşa almış olurum. Sahip olduğum işlemci ryzen 5 1500X'in oyun tamamen optimize olsa bile yetemeyebilme ihtimali de var.(ki pek sanmıyorum yeterli olacağını)...
  11. Does anyone suffer from high temperatures while playing this game?

    Like, somehow my cpu temp be reaching 60+ on Bannerlord, and I've played other games that deal with large amount of units and actions but my temps don't reach that high. GPU temps also get pretty high despite me playing on very low to try and alleviate it - very low settings looks like dung, how...
  12. TheHangover

    Problem GPU değil CPU

    GPU'nuz 1060 ise, 1060 oyunu rahatlıkla kaldırıyor.Nvidia denetimden ve oyunun ayarlarından herşeyi yükseltmeme rağmen.Problem GPU'nuza yetişemeyen CPU'nuz oluyor. GPU'nuz 1060 ise, 1000 kişilik savaşlarda %20-%60 arasında kullanılıyor.Burada ki terslik CPU'nuzda.CPU'nuz oyunun işlemleriyle...
  13. CPU not strong enough to run the game, options.

    Hello, I am not a very tech savvy person and I don't know a lot of tricks when it comes to hardware. My specs are CPU Intel Core i5 3350p 3,1GHz GPU Nvidia GTX 660 2Gigs 8Gigs of ram ddr 1200MHz. Windows 10 Now, my cpu is not strong enough to run the game without stuttering, which is a shame...
  14. Need More Info Bannerlord Broke My Laptop?

    I am almost certain that this game has destroyed my computer and I'm just utterly shocked didn't think it was possible. My specs are. - I7-8550 @1.99ghz - GTX 1050 - 8 gb RAM I normally play Pubg and CSGO regularly with no issues prior to bannerlord. Stable frames 60+ on PUBG minimum settings...
  15. Spec Requirements

    Hello dear friends, I was curious whenever or not the specifications posted to the steam store page (from a long while ago) still seem to be accurate. Currently my computer is getting rather old, and I am worried about its ability to run it. As the previous games hosted a very forgivable...
  16. Euron Crow’s Eye

    Can anyone give a noob some advice

    can anyone tell me if that picture says that my pc will be able to handle bannerlord or not? thanks in advance
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