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couch lancing

  1. CillianLuckass

    Breakable pikes/lances!

    Hi, I understand what i am raising is something a lot of people has tought about, and might be added, yet i just wanted to voice it since i feel it is very important for the balance of the game. Couching a lance has been in the game for a while, and it is arguable one of the most satisfying...
  2. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Sturgian Lance sometimes missing couched damage

    The normal Sturgian Lance and the Heavy Sturgian Lance seem to fail to inflict couched damage from time to time. The purple message will be printed in the chat window that couched damage was delivered but without any damage message below it and the enemy soldier did not receive any damage. I...
  3. CrazyElf

    Resolved Smithing - couchable lance handles mislabelled

    When picking the wood handle choices for a 'two handed polearm' twice for couchable lances, which is a source of confusion. Could the label be changed to couchable? Here is an example: The second 2 handed polearm should say "couchable" or something along those lines. So it should look like...
  4. GG Cannon

    Spears are weak.

    This is a feedback towards both Single and Multiplayer. Spears in the game are currently all considerable short to at most medium spears, both due to their lengths and improper way of holding and placement on the characters hand. They also possess too little damage and besides than on...
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