1. Captain_Octavius

    SP Native Transmog - Cosmetic Equipment

    Allows you to copy the visual aspect of an item to another individual item without affecting the statistics of the second item, also known as "Transmogrification". Transmog data is copied to the clipboard so you can save and share good looking equipment outfits, similar to character presets...
  2. Can we please get actual banners in game.

    I don't know if anyone has brought this up. I was kind of bummed that my armies don't carry banners in game. Even though there is someone holding one in the title screen. I know the game is in early access and there is still plenty to come. I'm just throwing this out there just in case.
  3. Add a button to switch weapon "slot"

    I've noticed that when you equip more than one item of the same type (e.g. equiping two swords) both are shown equipped on the character (and that's awesome, by the way), but you can't choose where you wan't to place the item on the character. Let's say I want to wear my arrow quiver on the...
  4. Need More Info Two Handed Sword Long Hide Grip Gaps

    when crafting a two handed sword with the long hide grip their is large gaps in between the grip and the blade and the grip and the pommel.
  5. Need More Info Northern Light Harness Clips through horses head badly

    Not sure if anyone else pointed this out yet, so I figured that I would. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post.
  6. Wolfee43

    Beta/Alpha Bonus?

    Does anyone know of or think there will be a special item or cosmetic in the single/multiplayer of Bannerlord for those that played the Beta or earlier or that got the different badges in the beta? I don't see this becoming a reality till after EA, but still would be sweet to have a special hard...
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