1. Need More Info Corrupted save

    Summary: save corrupted How to Reproduce: save the game, quit and then come back tomorrow the saved games are corrupted Scene Name (if related): save screen Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Need More Info Console PS4 game crashes & years of progress corrupted

    Summary: Hours into my Bannerlord Sturgia Campaign. Year 1094 and was saving my files every 20 mins. Now I’m back at 1086 with near all my progress gone and my other save files corrupted. This is absolutely ridiculous. I want a refund since this corrupt organisation are selling a game that you...
  3. Patch 1.4.1 Save game get corrupted when saving during a siege.

    AS the title says I've noticed my save games going corrupt when sieging castles (didnt test towns yet). After you start the siege if you saved the game and try reloading then the game crashes and you need to load to a prior save, becayse your last save just got corrupted. This seems to be the...
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