1. TheDecisiveDuck

    Unresolved Mount and Blade Warband (Xbox) Crashing on save load

    Just manually saved my game and as it said 'saved successfully' in the bottom left hand corner the game proceeded to crash back to dashboard (no error message, just brief music stutter then black screen). Now whenever I try to load that savegame, it automatically freezes with same music stutter...
  2. New patch corrupted my 20+ hr save

    I've been having so much fun on this game, I played most of the day on release and had an issue with the game crashing and had to start fresh. I've really put a lot of time into this second save, over 20+ hours, have worked really hard on it and since this patch, it will no longer work? I can...
  3. Resolved Game crashes when loading save/Crash report doesn't work.

    So my game will launch into the main menu but when i try to load my save it crashes in the loading screen. I've tried safe mode/verifying integrity of the files on steam. Edit: New games seems to work it must be a corrupted save file RIP 2-5 hours of play.
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