1. zACz

    Multiplayer campaign (Co-op)

    Good afternoon to everyone who reads this. Every friend of mine who has played at least a little or is familiar with this series of games would gladly buy the game if it had co-op. Mount and Blade is a great game. It has something to do for many tens of hours. And at the same time it is...
  2. Bannerlord 2 Coop is a must be !!!

    Hi , i am an active player in bannerlord 2 since it was realeased. Grinding this game for about 5 months in SP and i finally managed to take over the whole map. I love this game but there is one big issue - NO COOP. How is it possible that developers of this game still didnt add an option to...
  3. kreamy

    Help me develop the COOP concept

    Hi, I previously posted how COOP could be implemented. Before you post about what you think the issues are and why it cannot be done, think about how it COULD be done. This post is NOT looking to develop the concept HERE, rather, to develop the group who will contribute to how it would work...
  4. SenseiGuard

    SP MP Campaign Co-Op

    I have just started the a project of multiplayer support for campaign. We can play Bannerlord with our friends from LAN. I'm going to notice you about devblog in this post and my twitter account. You can check it
  5. kOOsmaty

    Coop with other player/s on main map

    Is this possible to add coop type of game when during friend/s can play on singleplayer map? It would be awesome! BTW I heard that TW got plans in the past to add that kind of gameplay. Hope this idea could be happend :)
  6. m1nus

    My is a dream coop campaign

    I really dream to ride friends with Calradia My vision of this mode is that it is in the host (lobby / game creator) and can adjust game speed, as well as suspend it (or by players using the vote), you can just control the speed like in a game - «Total War» and add binds to these actions...
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