coop campaign

  1. Coop campaign

    Hello there. There is a coop mode in development for the Bannerlord game. You have explained that you will not bring coop for the game, but I think and even see that if you bring coop, your sales will increase and the game will be played more (there are many people who say that if coop is...
  2. We need CO-OP

    We need co-op campaign thats it.
  3. What's missing in the game

    Hello everybody, First, I want to say that I love M&B, I played the older versions and spent a lot of time on warband and waited for Bannerlord for years. I'm still exploring Bannerlord, as you know, there is a lot of content. But here are my first impressions: Please allow me to be somehow...
  4. How Co-op could function

    From what I can see co-op seems like it's almost universally wanted if it could function well but a lot of people including some of the developers seem to think it's not appliable. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a co-op game functional or why these suggestions wouldn't work? So...
  5. Co-op

    it will be so cool if it is possible to play Singleplayer/Sandbox in Co-op, it is the only real thing that is missing in Mount & Blade Bannerlord
  6. kreamy

    Help me develop the COOP concept

    Hi, I previously posted how COOP could be implemented. Before you post about what you think the issues are and why it cannot be done, think about how it COULD be done. This post is NOT looking to develop the concept HERE, rather, to develop the group who will contribute to how it would work...
  7. Andrei[beast]

    Game is great, but i always would it be coop?

    I love the game the way it is , it's great, yeah i know, issues here and there, many annoying but it's ok the devs talk with us, they try to fix. BUT, what about a coop singleplayer campaign? It would be amazing and great and all that, and yeah, i am certain about some options, like the relation...
  8. SenseiGuard

    SP MP Campaign Co-Op

    I have just started the a project of multiplayer support for campaign. We can play Bannerlord with our friends from LAN. I'm going to notice you about devblog in this post and my twitter account. You can check it
  9. TheGioManDude

    Multiplayer Battle Mode & Co-Op Campaign

    I do not know if the community at large agrees with me on this. I have been searching around looking to see if the developers will include Battle Mode and Co-Op Campaign. Battle mode (unlike Team Death Match where you get constant respawning) in Multi-player was why Warband Multiplayer was...
  10. Campaign Coop

    Hi, I have a question about the campaign coop. I am sure that the devs currently have a lot on their head with bugfixings and making the game stable but i waited soo much for this game and specially for the campaign coop part. That was actually a promised feature but it isnt currently...
  11. kOOsmaty

    Coop with other player/s on main map

    Is this possible to add coop type of game when during friend/s can play on singleplayer map? It would be awesome! BTW I heard that TW got plans in the past to add that kind of gameplay. Hope this idea could be happend :)
  12. m1nus

    My is a dream coop campaign

    I really dream to ride friends with Calradia My vision of this mode is that it is in the host (lobby / game creator) and can adjust game speed, as well as suspend it (or by players using the vote), you can just control the speed like in a game - «Total War» and add binds to these actions...
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