1. SP - UI Armor feedback, and a better reticle for ranged combat.

    Any chance we can get some fur collars and fur trimmed cloaks for Sturgians, as depicted in several loading screens? It always struck me as odd that Sturgia produces so much fur, yet the actual lords and denizens wear just regular cloth and fabric scarves, instead. Please add some new items...
  2. Woopzilla

    SP - General Formation targeting should only activate on a single click (not click & hold). It messes with the ability to place formations near large enemy groups.

    If you click & hold to drag a formation shape via the F1 (placement) command, your character will give the charge command. This happens very often in big battles with large enemy unit formations. Trying to place shieldwalls near enemy infantry can be tricky since you constantly tell them to...
  3. Resolved GamePad(Xbox) still not correct, and bugs found

    Summary: GamePad controls and it's cursor need help How to Reproduce: Play the game with Xbox controller(only) Have you used cheats and if so which: never Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: 4GB Motherboard: Storage Device...
  4. Green Thread

    Resolved Add support for F13-F24 keys

    Summary: Currently when binding keys F13-F24, the game says something about not having a string to match the key, and then crashes when navigating from the keybinds menu to the play menu on the multiplayer client. Most gaming mice and some gaming keyboards have extra buttons for macros and...
  5. Troops start mixing up

    Hey guys, since the last update (1.7) my troops eventually start mixing up. For example when troops spawn in battle cavalry units end up in the archers formation and so on. I cannot find any information on how to stop this. Does anybody know the answer?
  6. GalahadIV

    SP - Battles & Sieges Controls on deploy screen

    On the campaign map, zoom in is scroll up whereas zoom in is scroll down on the deploy screen, it makes it a tiny bit more confusing. It would be nice to have the same controls on the deploy screen. Also it would be nice to be able to see the boundary of the deployment zone.
  7. SP - UI UI mouse clickable button for Encyclopedia/Ledger

    I often playing with my wireless mouse moving the mouse on the knee while leaning back on my chair. I don't really want to touch my keyboard unless it's a battle. That said there is no way to reach to Encyclopedia from UI without something like clicking Party>Unit>Upgrades List etc. I think it's...
  8. In Progress PS4 Keybored and mouse issue

    So recently I bought a keybored and mouse adapter to use for M&B on console. The adapter works great on all games but with mount and blade the A key to walk left does not register if I’m standing still. This is a huge issue for playing in general. It works fine if I’m walking any other direction...
  9. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Suggestion: Lock last attack direction with middle mouse click

    There are so many times when you just want to keep attacking in 1 way such as overhead, stab or right-left swing...... but it's just a constant wrestling match with the interesting chain system to not chain into a useless attack direction. My character knows only one direction is best so why...
  10. Resolved Can't assign custom key mappings via Mouse and Keyboard settings tab.

    When I try to change a key mapping via the game settings menu in the `Mouse and Keyboard` tab, whenever I click on an action to change it's mapped key, it automatically assigns the `Left Mouse Button`. I can't assign any other value.
  11. Resolved Camera control is on the left stick, how do I bind it to the right stick?

    DISCLAIMER: Before anyone bashes me for using a gamepad, I'm not using one. I'm using a Tartarus Pro since it has pressure sensitive keys but to use that functionality, it needs to be configured as either gamepad keys or joystick axis. Now to the issue, for some reason Camera movement is bound...
  12. Alt+shift crash

    I looked in the forum and idk if anyone reported something like this, but when i`m in a battle and use the control to zoom in the battlefiled (shift) while pressing the command to see where/how many are the enemie/ally troops, my character stop responding for a few seconds before the game crashes.
  13. MrMaselko

    [1.2.1] Lance issues

    At least in multiplayer after couching the lance pressing the weapon switch mode button again doesn't always cancel it and sometimes requires to be pressed multiple times. Wether pressing the button works or not seems to be random. An another issue is that the indicator for when the lance can...
  14. SP - General Inverse Mouse Movement for block direction -- please.

    There are inverse mouse movements for attacks, but not for blocking. Why? :xf-cry: My brain just can't work without it. For me, attacking with a normal mouse movement is very confusing, so I use the inverse mouse movement for my attacks. The reasoning: the movement starts from the left if...
  15. SP - General Option to click before flicking instead of flicking before clicking when blocking / attacking

    Hi, Please give us an option to change the way the mouse flicks work when attacking / blocking. Currently when you click it attacks / blocks in the direction your mouse was last moving before the click. I personally feel that it is easier to use a system where you click and then while still...
  16. SP - General Add controls option to bind directional attacks

    As of right now we have only 2 ways to perform directional attacks: it's either with mouse movement ore movement keys. Could you please add in Options menu raw key bindings to be able to bind 1 key to 1 specific attack? ieg: Left Swing -> LMB Right Swing -> RMB Block -> Shift Upper attack ->...
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