1. Resolved Unable to play multiplayer - disconnected from lobby every time

    Summary: Recently I haven't been able to play multiplayer at all. I'm able to get into the lobby, but every time I try to join a server I get "please wait" for 20-30 seconds before a message saying "disconnected from lobby". I've checked my firewall settings, made sure my internet was working...
  2. BruXseleS

    Need More Info Disconnecting from lobbies

    So there are some more problems in the menu, i'm sometimes unable to press the LogOut button,I can't be invited and if i am i dc after like 1min, even tho im still in the lobby on my screen and only my friends see me acutally dc. Sometimes when the game is found and im in the lobby i just wont...
  3. YouMoMCallME

    Resolved Can't go to Multiplayer m1.5.238478

    Can't go to Multiplayer m1.5.238478 BETA 1.5.1 Full Ultra Settings Steam Version Computer Specs: Win 10 gtx 1080 i7 9700k 16gb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S SSD 500 GB
  4. MrMaselko

    Unresolved [1.2.1] Possibly a connectivity issue

    My ISP isn't best at providing stable internet and goes down for a few minutes every few days, but In Bannerlord I often (something like 1 out of 7 matches) get this thing where everyone keeps moving in a straight line and I can walk around, but not attack etc. Doesn't happen in other games and...
  5. Falrock

    Unresolved Login issues

    Are the servers down? I'm trying to login but it keeps saying 'Login failed'
  6. Sir Galahad the Pure

    Unresolved Unstable ping in EU servers

    My ping is extremely unstable in EU servers and seems to be following a circadian cycle, which makes me think it might be affected by the number of players connected to your servers. I live in southern Spain and have 50 Mb/s wired connection. My ping in Warband has always been stable (35-45) in...
  7. Unresolved Error 522

    I am experience a problem where both in single player and multiplayer, a notification that takes up the majority of my screen that says "Error 522 Connection timed out". It appears almost as an overlay that covers over the game while the game works perfectly in the background. I am really...
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