concept art

  1. Lord Badfox

    Delete Heroes (mod? console?)

    Is there a way to remove a hero from the game? I want to delete my 15 children and only leave 3. With some mod or the developer console maybe
  2. A Sketch a day until release of Bannerlord

    Howdy all. I was posting these on the Bannerlord reddit and I was told I should post them here as well. I'm doing a Bannerlord sketch every day until it releases. I'm on day 2. I will consider this post successful if it eases the wait for Bannerlord for even 1 person. It's certainly helping...
  3. Yıvalı

    I animated the concept art

    I don't own the art work .Its official bannerlord artwork made by İlker serdar yıldız. I just animated it. Tell me what you think. Also in Wallpaper engine.
  4. Piconi

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops 📁 Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    Last updates - OP on 05. December 2019. / concepts up to page #16 As we can see, the main man Armağan himself has blessed this thread . Only together we can engold Bannerlord ! Everything is inside the spoilers which are directly below the respective faction flags. There are...
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