companion glitch

  1. Lopezgdanny

    In Progress Companion dialogue skip

    Summary: Companion dialogue gets skipped if you talk to them from the town screen. How to Reproduce: Pick "talk" from the town screen on the tavern, and if you talk to the companion, their dialogue will be skipped by 1 time (they'll start from the second page of their dialog). This has happened...
  2. Resolved Companion Daughters From Save Daughter Quest Have Issues

    Summary: 1.If you successfully complete the save daughter quest then the daughter will become a wanderer; however, she will never actually appear in the world after she disappears from the town you save her in. So, you can never actually recruit her from a city tavern. 2. If you complete the...
  3. Murfios

    Need More Info "Disband Party" Glitch

    I disbanded a recently created party assigned a companion (Barabos Frostbeard) standing in close proximity to a newly captured castle. Upon disbandment, the party teleported to a previously owned settlement (Amitatys) and did not disband for 1 in-game year. I kicked Barabos off my clan to...
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