1. Game is patching on Steam...but no patch notes.

    I got a 1,021.38 KB update for Bannerlord in my queue. I haven't installed a single mod, so it's not that. Some sort of communication would be nice. Are you fixing or adding things, if so what?
  2. Resolved Server version is and there is no update of the game out

    Summary: A mismatch error that cannot be fixed by closing steam and reopening. I have done that. I have also reinstalled. How to Reproduce: Log in multiplayer Scene Name (if related): Login screen Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win11 GPU: Nvidia 3070ti...
  3. 1,2,3 // 2Hands are OP & point!

    1. We have to be able to communicate with 1,2,3! (the calls) At this moment you can also spam, but nobody does it. So no argument! 2. Nobody wants to play CM because the 2 hands are absolutely OP. Right now 8 people are generally playing the CM ... Do you really think they just don't feel...
  4. Developer communication request - weekly short dev diaries

    Dear Taleworlds team! I would like to ask you the following: weekly short dev diaries As a gamer and mod developer I'd like to see constant, weekly, small dev diaries about upcoming features with pictures so I can always look forward for things to come, see the game's progression direction and...
  5. Push to Talk

    Dunno if anyone would read this but i was wondering if Bannerlord would get push to talk? I know some people would agree with me and some would disagree but the rounds would be easier to play if we could communicate with other players in the game such as captain or siege even skirmish would...
  6. In Progress No string sanitation on steam usernames for multiplayer chat

    Summary: When using a username with angle brackets, the chat window will print some of the XML/HTML code and will break because the username string is not sanitized. The chat window will fail to display the message properly and communication breaks down. How to Reproduce: Change your steam...
  7. SnKagitbkc

    Voice Communication

    When we do tactics during the game, writing may be a waste of time, will there be voice communication in the future?
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