1. simple more specific orders in combat

    select a unit with number key. F1 for attack orders. hold alt and then click on an enemy units banner. units could apply their main feature, like archers advance, infantry charges etc. and one could still choose an approach since you hit F1 before. quite simple and something this game really...
  2. In Progress [Beta 1.6.0] Cant control troops after enemies retreat

    Summary: my men dont take orders after the enemy retreats. I cant even select them, by using the numbers buttons after this. How to Reproduce: Go in a battle and then wait for the enemy to retreat. It never works after that for me, since beta 1.6.0 ( i think this happened also in 1.5.10, as some...
  3. Sieges - Commands, governors and other much needed features.

    After many hours of gameplay, I finally had the opportunity to defend my town...and it was glorious! The Aserai invaded with a force of 1600 soldiers vs my elite army of 500. Suffice to say, I annihilated them. All things considered, it was a pretty good experience from a hack and slash...
  4. Super Jew

    Resolved [Captain] Unit command text replication

    I've noticed a glitch that causes the unit type to be duplicated when giving a command sometimes. I don't know exactly how to replicate the glitch. It is not always the same number of duplicates. This glitch doesn't seem to effect gameplay. Here is an example:
  5. Gerrodot

    What is needed so that instead of verbal commands to the troops there is the sound of a horn?

    What is needed so that instead of verbal commands to the troops there is the sound of a horn?
  6. Resolved Missing commands in the console

    Summary: Recently I had an issue where a power outage bugged out a main story quest progress, so I was going to use the console to finish that quest and then start the next one. However I am missing all commands related to active quests, namely campaign.list_active_quests and...
  7. Beergnome

    Disabling your character's voice on battle map?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to disable your character's voice on the battle map when giving orders? It just gets tiring listening to their commands stop and stutter each time you switch up commands. Especially if you're doing a bunch in a row.
  8. Compound Formations and Designate Charge Points

    Just a couple ideas that I believe might add some more enjoyement and efficiency to in-battle tactics that I thought of based off my experiences in the game. Compound formations could be designated during or before battle essentially allowing divisions of units to be grouped together and...
  9. Etrepcar

    The ability to give orders to your own team in tournament fights.

    In Warband, you could give orders to team members like telling them to stay at certain position, charge etc. It was a small addition, but it was useful for preventing your teammates to automatically charge into their deaths (and also other tactical benefits). However, in Bannerlord, you can't...
  10. Cajolo

    Any existing command/way to change age of a lord/child?

    I just started a new playthrough and managed to have a baby and siege a town. However in this playthrough I don’t really feel like waiting for x amount of hours before my child is a commandable lord. Is there anyway to speed up this process? Also, the command ”campaign.set_hero_age” is removed...
  11. Advanced battle tactic commands

    why cant we use commands like protect the flanks or skirmish etc is there a mod out there that unlocks this or is it just not available to player only ai?
  12. Troop Abilities: focus fire, charge, stand ground...?

    I've always loved M&B's tactic system for its simplicity, but I was hoping for more in Bannerlord. I know this concern has been raised but I'm just gonna reiterate: implementation of some more focused commands would help make simulations feel more immersive. Right now, commands still feel more...
  13. Command to advance the Dragon banner quest so I can create an empire?

    Dragon banner quest timed out, I saw on a forum posts some days back that you can manually advance it with a command in the console, I can't find the command now. Does anyone know if this is true and what the command is?
  14. Captain_Octavius

    SP Native Party AI Overhaul and Commands

    Adds giving advanced orders to your Clan parties on the campaign map. Makes the AI more likely to conquer and less likely to raid the lands that share their culture. Causes all hostile Vassals who like/hate you to target your properties less/more respectively. Description After you order a Clan...
  15. [SUGGESTION] Commands and Orders

    Hi all, I been playing and would be nice if we could command people in our clan when they have a party. Simple commands like: Patrol this fief (castle/towns) and it's towns. Raid this fief (chose target) Start recruitment (till he/she fills it's party) Defense this fief (Harrison in castle /...
  16. Clan party commands

    I can only assume someone has already posted about this, but I couldn't find anything solid via search, so there goes: I think the game would benefit greatly from being able to tell your npc clansmen what you want to do with their parties, such as patrol an area, protect a settlement, stay...
  17. How to advance with shield wall?

    Im not quite sure how to order my army to put of their shields when they charge or advance, for example when im raiding a forest bandit camp with like 40 bandits we get slaughtered before we can reach them because not of my infantry put put their shields, is there a specific command for this?
  18. [Suggestion]Ideas for Battle Commands

    Hello everyone, first of all I would like to say: awesome game, cool ideas and great work so far! I'm already looking forward to new Updates/News/the Release. Other than that I hope im in the right sub-forum for suggestions to the Game. Now to my suggestions, I think the battle command system...
  19. Neofaktion

    In Progress Commands not working

    Hi, just installed the game. I thought i was being stupid but the commands don't work. I can't use charge commands, and the F1 menu does not open on my PC. I have default controls, and they have not worked from the get-go.
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