1. In Progress Commander equipment

    It is impossible to equip the commander of a clan squad. This is a big problem, because for this you need to do a complex manipulation to change the squad leader. There is no dialog to check inventory.
  2. Resolved server

    The problem has been resolved.
  3. SP - Battles & Sieges Let us command armies after dying.

    Is it realistic? No, probably not. Though you could have briefed some companions on what orders to give if you were knocked out. So I think it's reasonable enough. Why? Because the AI that takes over is actually fecking retarded. I was slaughtering an army of 600 with 200 units. About 100...
  4. Raganvads tactics in battles

    Hello. I'd just wanna ask here, before doing any bug reporting. All my field battles, with Raganvad of sturgia as the commander = **** tactics. Basically he tells archers to skirmish in front of the quickly advancing infantry, which is impossible given the walking speed of the units. He...
  5. Meowricio

    SP - General Siege commands

    We need another menu for command in siege battles. For now commands allow player only 2 options as attacker: sit and wait while you being shot by enemies from walls or mindlessly rush to the walls via ladders, battering ram and siege tower. I don't want lose soldiers especially if i have mainly...
  6. Siege defense: operating siege weapons?

    Not sure how to get my siege weapons to work when defending from castles. Could be a bug, or I could just be dumb. Do they just automatically fire with crew?
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