1. How to Make Custom Bannerlord Scripts Run on a Multiplayer Server

    Here is a video I made that talks about getting custom scripts in the scene editor to work on a multiplayer server. Ive attached the code examples from the video. I made a similar post earlier for getting scripts to run just in single player...
  2. BL Coding How to deal damage to an agent

    Hi, I have written code to deal damage to an agent when they get too close to an object. The code works however when the player dies the game crashes. There are alot of options I could set and im not sure what I need to in order to get a proper death and avoid a crash, all im doing now is...
  3. [Solved] Add MissionBehavior in custom battle

    This is a question related to bannerlord modding api Current implementation of my mod uses campaignGameStarter.AddBehavior to add a campaign behavior and that behavior later on adds mission behavior via Mission.Current.AddMissionBehavior This is working for campaign, but I would like the same...
  4. XDaron

    BL Coding Creating a method that outputs the Name of a faction that is at war with me

    I am attempting to create a mod that adds more flavor dialog to the game, I wanted to create something similar to warband ''how goes the war dialog", where the lord would first say ''yes we are at war with (insert faction)", the only problem being I'm stupid and don't understand how to create a...
  5. How to Set Hero Death

    Working on a mod that involves deterministic hero death. However, the hero NPCs are always set to wound after I used "Agent.Die()" on that hero at OnRegisterBlow(). Does anyone know where my code is overridden?
  6. The_Schwarz

    Suggestion General Customized assets accessible in Custom Battle Mode

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible or could be possible to have custom assets recognizable while in CustomBattle Mode. If it already is possible can someone please shine some light on the solution for me? I currently have not seen or found a way to have customized assets that I have...
  7. In Progress Imperial Golden Great Sword Guard

    The Imperial Golden Great Sword Guard, a smithing part, only is useable on 1handed swords. This is strange, as it is a large, quatrefoil guard in the exact style of many scottish claymores. And it is called a great sword guard.... It should be craftable on two handed weapons. I have modified my...
  8. In Progress General (C#) MBDebug renders & editor console text not working

    After the main branch was updated from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2, my implementations of TaleWorlds.Engine.MBDebug no longer work, specifically calls to RenderDebug objects (spheres, lines, 3d text, etc). My code compiles okay, and I can hit breakpoints but no shapes or 3D text actually render. This bug...
  9. Ishapar

    WB Coding Stuck on a Menu Screen (Mod Help)

    I have been trying to mod Warband using this mod as a base: I enjoy this mod as it adds various features to native without rehauling the game (especially making there be 12 factions with 2 extinct ones to use and the ability to execute lords). On...
  10. Kaiser_SG

    Custom order menu

    Hello there! Someone can help me to do a custom order menu (b menu) for a Napoleonic Wars server. Thx.
  11. BL Coding Finding base game's classes/functions implementations

    Hello, everyone, I'm trying to make a mod using the new Deployment function, more specifically the camera part. It it very easy to use the Mission class to activate the flying camera, but it is confined to the Deployment boundaries that seem to be governed by the DeploymentHandler. The Mission...
  12. Hardcoded values are a nightmare - Coding pattern suggestion for devs

    Hello. We don't have a suggestion section for modding related issues so I'm posting this here. I'm working on a mod currently and I'm amazed by the amount of hardcoded values I've found. This makes it very hard to mod since we don't have much flexibility and we have to patch the whole function...
  13. Cyrus The Great

    WB Coding right to left text in warband

    I am making a mod changes game language to Persian (is like Arabic RTL) and I want to make menus RTL
  14. BL Coding Alternative perk window

    Hi, I like to try to rearange the perk choices per role instead of per skill. (eg. governor, party leader, captain,..) But I'm new to making mods for BL and I'm aware it's a lot of work. So before I start on this project I want to know if it's even possible to do with the current acces to the...
  15. Yagababa

    OSP Code Combat Leviathan Axe (from God of War) [WSE]

    Hey everyone, I'm very proud to announce my new OSP--my attempt at recreating the Leviathan Axe from God of War! The idea is to have a two-handed battle axe that can be used as a throwing weapon with the following features: 1. Melee cuts and a ranged splash AOE will cause a 'frost' status...
  16. AlbertFaubrein

    WB Coding Presentation's slider not working

    Hello, I have a problem with my presentation, I create a range of image_buttons but only 3 of them are working and like the title say my presentation's slide is not working. Thanks for your help.
  17. The Solution to Fix the Spear/Polearm Issues

    The spear/polearm issue in bannerlord can be fixed. So many of us are aware about the annoyance on the use of polearm against other infantry units. When performing an attack with a polearm in formation, the polearm with either get interrupted by friendly from behind or get interrupted by the...
  18. BL Coding Where is the formula for calculating the survivor bonus in medicine?

    For the life of me I can't find it, would love some insight. Edited for clarity
  19. Medivhtratos

    1.5.10 Athletics to slow for you? Here a solution

    1. Install DNSpy or Visual Studio 2. Open the TalesWorldCampaign.dll 3. Search in this .dll after the "DefaultSkillEffects" class 4. Change in this class the numbers, regarding Athletic, by right clicking the Method "InitializeALL" and than press "C# to work with method" 5. Save your changed...
  20. BL Coding Help initializing a battle of my own

    Hello everyone, I need to initialize a field battle within my campaign and, while searching for how native starts its battles I found how it started its custom battle. It uses the function "OpenCustomBattleMission" which can be found in the class "BannerlordMissions". This is the function which...
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