1. Ishapar

    WB Coding Stuck on a Menu Screen (Mod Help)

    I have been trying to mod Warband using this mod as a base: I enjoy this mod as it adds various features to native without rehauling the game (especially making there be 12 factions with 2 extinct ones to use and the ability to execute lords). On...
  2. Kaiser_SG

    Custom order menu

    Hello there! Someone can help me to do a custom order menu (b menu) for a Napoleonic Wars server. Thx.
  3. BL Coding Finding base game's classes/functions implementations

    Hello, everyone, I'm trying to make a mod using the new Deployment function, more specifically the camera part. It it very easy to use the Mission class to activate the flying camera, but it is confined to the Deployment boundaries that seem to be governed by the DeploymentHandler. The Mission...
  4. Hardcoded values are a nightmare - Coding pattern suggestion for devs

    Hello. We don't have a suggestion section for modding related issues so I'm posting this here. I'm working on a mod currently and I'm amazed by the amount of hardcoded values I've found. This makes it very hard to mod since we don't have much flexibility and we have to patch the whole function...
  5. Cyrus The Great

    WB Coding right to left text in warband

    I am making a mod changes game language to Persian (is like Arabic RTL) and I want to make menus RTL
  6. BL Coding Alternative perk window

    Hi, I like to try to rearange the perk choices per role instead of per skill. (eg. governor, party leader, captain,..) But I'm new to making mods for BL and I'm aware it's a lot of work. So before I start on this project I want to know if it's even possible to do with the current acces to the...
  7. Yagababa

    OSP Code Combat Leviathan Axe (from God of War) [WSE]

    Hey everyone, I'm very proud to announce my new OSP--my attempt at recreating the Leviathan Axe from God of War! The idea is to have a two-handed battle axe that can be used as a throwing weapon with the following features: 1. Melee cuts and a ranged splash AOE will cause a 'frost' status...
  8. AlbertFaubrein

    WB Coding Presentation's slider not working

    Hello, I have a problem with my presentation, I create a range of image_buttons but only 3 of them are working and like the title say my presentation's slide is not working. Thanks for your help.
  9. The Solution to Fix the Spear/Polearm Issues

    The spear/polearm issue in bannerlord can be fixed. So many of us are aware about the annoyance on the use of polearm against other infantry units. When performing an attack with a polearm in formation, the polearm with either get interrupted by friendly from behind or get interrupted by the...
  10. BL Coding Where is the formula for calculating the survivor bonus in medicine?

    For the life of me I can't find it, would love some insight. Edited for clarity
  11. Medivhtratos

    1.5.10 Athletics to slow for you? Here a solution

    1. Install DNSpy or Visual Studio 2. Open the TalesWorldCampaign.dll 3. Search in this .dll after the "DefaultSkillEffects" class 4. Change in this class the numbers, regarding Athletic, by right clicking the Method "InitializeALL" and than press "C# to work with method" 5. Save your changed...
  12. BL Coding Help initializing a battle of my own

    Hello everyone, I need to initialize a field battle within my campaign and, while searching for how native starts its battles I found how it started its custom battle. It uses the function "OpenCustomBattleMission" which can be found in the class "BannerlordMissions". This is the function which...
  13. BL Coding I am having some difficulty creating a dropdown menu

    Hey everyone, I am working on a GUI for my mod and I need to create a dropdown menu. I am having some difficulties doing it though and the mod I am using as an example is not helping. I am looking for other mod examples which have dropdown menus I can take inspiration from. Thank you in advance
  14. Makarov45

    BL Coding Help with code

    i used to find StatExplainer in TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.GameComponents.Party in that code public static void Postfix(MobileParty party, StatExplainer explanation, ref int __result) in last update StatExplainer isnt in TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.GameComponents.Party and i cant...
  15. Is there a way to create new Behaviors from BehaviorComponent?

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a mod that aims to overhaul the battle AI currently implemented on Bannerlord. I am using Harmony and I already know what I need to do in order to change the AI during a battle. I have created my own tactics which use the behaviors already implemented by...
  16. KratosMKII

    WB Coding Making player teleport to the prison entrance?

    How do i make the player character teleport next to the prison of a town/castle? I tried making a copy of "town_center" menu in the and set the entry point to the player to 24 (the prison guard entry) but the player enters the scene off map and is stuck. Other attempts at...
  17. KratosMKII

    WB Coding Constants

    It is very annoying that there is a need to manually assign values to constants like slot_item_is_checked = 0. Is there a way that i can edit the process files to make them auto assign the values based on order of placement in the file?
  18. KnowsCount

    WB Coding WSE on Unix?

    I am a modder using a macOS, and everything was good so far but one thing: WSE has a .exe file. How can I also use WSE on Unix systems?
  19. DetektivAro

    WB Coding Coding advice? Anyone?

    So I was thinking of making a magic weapon that will act like a ranged weapon. It would shoot like a bow or crossbow, but instead of a arrow coming out, a meteor would fall out of the sky on the targeted place with it not falling right on the crosshair but in its general vicinity ( like some...
  20. BL Coding is_mafia, is_outlaw?

    There are a few values you can add to your custom factions such as is_outlaw, is_mafia and is_sect. How do these affect the faction's behaviour, though? I've marked one of my modded factions as outlaws but they don't seem to act any different.
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