1. Dalion

    OSP Code QoL Full Party Stacks List (scrollable)

    Are you tired of unscrollable huge armies with member list so long it goes even beyond the screen, not allowing you to view prisoners (even though the counter by the party name suggests there are tons of them)? I, for one, am tired as hell (and has been for quite a decade now). About time...
  2. Household Guard/Knighthood Order System tutorial?

    I am looking to add a new feature to my mod. I was inspired by mods like perisno which has a system that gives certain lords their own unique troops or pendor which has knighthood orders that are tied to fiefs. I have searched for a bit and could not find a tutorial for a similar system. It...
  3. AddGameMenuOption index parameter don't work

    No matter what number you put on this parameter it will always stay at the top of the menu, it worked before i don't know what update after 1.2.0 broke it
  4. Vetrogor

    OSP Code QoL [Presentations] Scrollable combobox button

    Currently bugged. Can be deleted as I don't want to transform code backwards for compatibility. Will be a part of new WRECK integrated macro operators. This is a scrollable combobox button. The scrollbar will appear automatically when bottom border reached. WSE combobox has a scrollbar but the...
  5. Trying to find Combat foot speed formula(Anyone know how to get to cs files?)

    Been trying to find the formula for battle speed in relation to weight & athletics, I've been able to figure out that its in a file called SandboxAgentStatCalculateModel.cs, but I'm not a modder and I don't know how to access it. Can anyone help and explain the process?
  6. Corbul

    How to recruit custom faction troops during claimant rebellion?

    Ok, so I'm making a mod, and I want one of the features to be so that the claimant has his own type of troops during the rebellion (i.e. if you're helping Isolla, the troops you recruit from Swadian villages should be different from the standard Swadian troops), and should replace the standard...
  7. Randomized Uniform Color Saturation?

    Hi everyone! I recently noticed that the uniform secondary color is randomized. This wasn't in the earlier versions. Does anyone know in what module/file this feature lives? Or what it is even called? I'd like to disable it. Thanks!
  8. Resolved Diplomacy mod won't start on e1.8.0

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti GPU Driver Version: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-9100F CPU @ 3.60GHz RAM:8 GB Motherboard: DEXP Atlas...
  9. FBVortex

    Beta access code

    Running on steam, and need an access code to launch the 1.8.0 beta. How does one go about getting a code? Or are they not letting anyone else join the test? Thanks
  10. Cokjan

    SP Tutorial Module System Simple Gunshot Sounds Based on Distance w/o WSE

    Setting up the sounds (optional, you can use whatever sounds you want) 1. Download and extract the sound files from this link. (It is OSP as far as I'm aware of, check page 2) 2. Add the following line to somewhere. Setting up item triggers 1. Add the following line to your...
  11. Sultan Berkuk

    How to do dynamic renaming?

    [/spoiler] Hi guys. I'm working on an advanced headquarters system. I want to change the name of the headquarters whenever I want. But I don't know how to do it. In some modes, we can change the city/fortress names by changing the "Rename Kingdom" codes in our game. I tried to do this but...
  12. Ishapar

    SP Tutorial Module System Creating New Hidden Chests

    Hidden chests are a great way to add content to your mod. The chests can be used to create possible story elements in role playing mods or used to encourage and reward exploration for the casual game. Originally coming with the Strange Armor set, these chests can be used to hoard a number of...
  13. A question about spculture.xml

    Hello, Recently I am researching the game xmls, in "spculture" I notice someting interesting, A line called "town_edge_number", for every culture except khuzait, the Value for that line is "16" and for Khuzait is "4". looks strange, could anyone tell me the function of that line? which part of...
  14. Peanut_Brother

    Suggestion General Please consider storing the 'Reason' behind a Relation change

    There are many reasons relation may change between two entities in BL and being able to access the reasons behind a given relation would enable modders to bring more life to NPCs in the game, through differing interactions based on what actually happened between two individuals. As an example...
  15. Wüstenkrieger

    Playing an agent animation via code

    Hi, I have a function which gets called by a hotkey, that unequips an item and equips a different one. In between I would like the agent to do a custom animation. The animation is already added via the modding kit, but I cant find any code to carry out an animation by string. Has anyone any...
  16. Yagababa

    Health Bars

    Hey guys, sorry to double post. I found this code for a health bar presentation code, but for some reason they aren't appearing in-game. ("multiplayer_agent_hp_bar", prsntf_read_only, 0, [ (ti_on_presentation_load, [...
  17. Pitch

    Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system.

    Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system with nodemon. Perfect for development Nodemon is a development dependency that monitors for any changes in your project and automatically re-compiles your code, saving time and tedious work. Nodemon does not require...
  18. AlbertFaubrein

    Presentation's slider not working

    Hello, I have a problem with my presentation, I create a range of image_buttons but only 3 of them are working and like the title say my presentation's slide is not working. Thanks for your help.
  19. Campaign Map Speed

    Hello Everyone! I often find myself in looking for x8 button when moving around the map and it just really frustrates me that it is not there. I know that I can go to cheat menu and type "campaign.multiply_campaign_speed 20 " and that does the trick for me, but I don't want to do that every...
  20. AddPlayerLine() AddDialogLine() there are no selection lines in the secondary action? C#

    Hi! Construction: AddPlayerLine("Question1", "lord_talk_ask_something", "Question2","Text1"...) 1. presses "lord_talk_ask_something". a dialog appears with the button "Text1" AddDialogLine("Question2", "Question2", "Question3", "Text2"...) 2. The NPC responds to "Text2"...
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