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  1. Dalion

    [OSP] Shield Toss

    This is a combat ability to toss your shield in battle, which will deal damage to certain amount of targets within line of sight in specified radius and then come back to you. The damage amount depends on your Shield skill, Power Throw skill and the resistance stat of the shield itself. All...
  2. Wuan

    OSP Combat Two-handed attack animations on horseback

    With the help of WSE2 and his author K700, I soon realized the animations of twohanded four-dir attack and twohand lance thrust on horseback, like Bannerlord. This can only allow twohanded swing left and right, If you want to realize the animations of twohanded overswing and thrust, you...
  3. SupaNinjaMan

    OSP Kit [WB] Naruto Hand Seals / Jutsu system

    This code is provided as is: I will try to assist with issues directly arising from the provided code, but I cannot promise support for anything you, the user, may do to it. I however will be trying to help you and your expansions of this code base. I just cannot promise any support past...
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