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cloned npc

  1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Resolved [1.6.4 beta] Female wanderer promoted Clan leader has birthed 38 Yo armored daughter, possible clone?

    This bug is pretty awesome! Summary: While examining my developing Clans I notice a female member ad at first though it was wife of a member, but after examining it is in fact the daughter of the leader and husband (Phostor), despite being 38, the encyclopedia shows her being born about 3 years...
  2. Resolved I cloned my wife and now she is in my party and leads a party of her own

    Summary and reproduction: I created a new party for my clan and chose my wife (Apolanea) to lead it. She got caught by some Khuzait "bandit" and taken prisoner, but immediately escaped. After I came back to my castle she was in the keep. I forgot that leaders of parties get back to bussiness...
  3. Resolved [1.4.0] my Wife's clon x3

    Hi guys, my Wife Arwa have 3 clons. it started when my wife's army was taken prisoner. When she returned to the city where I was, I took her to the party. After some time I noticed that her army was going to the map. Unfortunately, I have no record of this event, I noticed it after a while. She...
  4. Need More Info Silvend spouse now in party and has own clone and party wandering around

    Told silvend to disband party and return to owned castle, on way back she is ambushed and captured. i then had her manage castle after her escape to return her close to me. I took her into party and then her clone popped up with her own party shortly after.
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